Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is what it is.

That is my new mantra.

We own two houses. Is the old one going to sell? WHEN is it going to sell?

(We actually have a contract this morning. Woot. Woot.)

My half IM is this weekend. Am I ready? What is the weather going to be like? Too hot? Am I going to have a 13 mile death march like I did at ING Half? Will I beat my time from 2007? Is my swim going to be faster? My bike? My run??


(Deep breath)


Yes, I have worked hard for this race and yes, I really want to do well, BUT, the pressure I was putting on myself to constantly beat my old times and be more serious and hardcore was starting to make all of this really no fun.

And that is really what it is supposed to be.

Fun. A hobby. Time for myself. A way to be competitive again.

I love racing and I love triathlon. But, was starting to want to break up, or at least start seeing other people. The desire to have a "normal" weekend (sans 6 hours of run/bike) was getting strong.

And just mentally taking that pressure off, has me so excited to get down to Panama City and smile and enjoy the sun and enjoy the day and be happy and thankful to be racing. At the beach! Regardless of whether I am out there for 5:21 or 6 hours.

My goal for this race? To finish just like I did in 2007.

smiling my ass off.


Thursday, April 22, 2010



So, we moved. Last Friday.

Not to complain, (whine is probable more accurate, anyway) but my legs/feet hurt more after the move than a marathon. (Eh, that is probably a lie. Last full marathon was 2007 and I have a bad memory, but seriously, they were really sore.)

Moving is no joke. Even if it is only .6 miles.

Love the new house though. Well worth the effort (Zone 2, at the least. THE VERY LEAST, I tell ya.)

So now, after I search both houses for dental floss, my Garmin heart rate strap, Ella's school bag and one missing Dansko clog, hang 376 pictures against Mike's will ("Can we please NOT clutter this house up?" is falling on deaf ears), I AM TRAINING.

Gulf Coast in t minus 2 weeks. Time to focus less on moving furniture and more on moving my ass.

Let's ****ing GOOOO!

Starting to get excited....

Bye, bye old house.

These two jokers made themselves comfortable already.

Alice likes my new closet. Her new nickname is "Shoes". She's obsessed.

We moved in and E lost her first tooth. (Is she old enough? WHAT? Where's my baby?!?)

The cookie welcome basket from our new neighbors...mmmm. Making that race weight goal farther and farther away.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Still here....

...without Internet, mid-move and slowly losing (1)most everything in the house, (2)my patience and (3)my mind...therefore, the blog took an (extended) spring break hiatus.

Be back soon, once I wipe this dazed, slightly crazy look from my face. :)