Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer thus far...

A photo-essay. (AKA the lazy mom's blog post).

You would think that all that time I gained by not swimming and biking umpteen (okay, realistically more like ump-ten or eleven, maybe ump-twelve) hours a week, I'd have more time for nobler pursuits, i.e., documenting my children's fleeting youth.

Not so much.

Not today. Or tomorrow.
Not really that kind of mom. Time to accept it now, girls. ;)

Our summer has been spent....

Fishing. (I had taken E before with her pole, but no hook on the end. Seriously? I am going to de-hook a fish? Me? I'd rather have a hook in my mouth than touch a fish, there. Ugh. I don't think so. Thankfully, dad and Pop Pop were there to do the dirty work.)


Yes, hiking is age appropriate for the not-yet-two age set. Exhibit A (and B), Alice and her bud, Hall. All you need are a few sippy cups and cankles and you're all set.


Yes, that is a bounce house. And yes, it is inside. And, yes, I agree. We are nuts.

Cleaning the garage.
In wigs. And helmets, of course.

Spending time with family...
by turning them into my own personal curtain making (and hanging) sweatshop.

I did help. All sweatshops need a foreman.

Earning a little cash...
the dollar in E's (money grubbing) little hand is from selling Mike the beer that is in his hand. A beer from our fridge. Smart kid. She also sold my dad a picture she drew of a "spider chicken". Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to buy one for your own home. No home is complete without a spider chicken picture to warm up any space.

My mom is still toiling away in the background. She knows the foreman doesn't take too kindly to laziness. (Myself EXcluded, of course.)

This is Alice. Next to Ella. Doing exactly what Ella does, says, goes, wears, thinks. All day long. Ella hurts her hand and cries and points to said hand. Two seconds later, the little brown haired Ella clone is doing the same thing. It is so cute, it breaks my heart how much Allie is going to miss E when she's at school in a few months. She literally won't know what to do.