Saturday, November 7, 2009


This week was supposed to be completely off.

Well, actually, it wasn't supposed to be off. I was supposed to race a half marathon today. A half marathon that was pushed from last week to this week. Why? 'Cause I didn't feel like running a half last week.

And guess what? Didn't feel like running it this week either.

And by "didn't feel like" I really mean, "I would rather get a paper cut IN MY EYE than run this damn race". And it was not because I wasn't ready or undertrained or anything like that. I just had zero motivation to run. Hard. For over 13 miles. Not this week. (or last, apparently.) I was utterly lacking any desire to run.

The subject line of my email to Jen on Wednesday detailing my (very clear) feelings about racing this weekend was one word.


I was just done. Done. Done. And done.

Jen understood and gave me my two weeks off. Nothing this week and just easy runs next week.


I mostly followed my training plan of doing nothing this week. A sinus infection that has long overstayed its welcome, a sick Alice (butt strep has now be re-diagnosed to butt strep AND a staph infection. My poor little girl!) and my inherent off season laziness made it easy.

Well, except for that one was just so gorgeous out...and the company was good...and the girls were both in school...and I do start to get a little cuckoo after a few days of not sweating...

Oh, and today. Again, gorgeous, sunny late fall day. Local 5k. South Forsyth County Special Olympics 5k. A good cause. Two of my girlfriends are running it. Kids Run that Ella is dying to do.....heck, yeah....I'll run. But, not hard, Just take it easy, enjoy myself.

Who am I kidding?

Who do I think I am?

Long story short. I did NOT take it easy. But, I didn't throw up or dry heave (so I didn't go that hard.). I did win overall though. (Yay!) When I got out to the front from the start of the race, there was no way I was "taking it easy" or "enjoying myself" out there. I did slow down when I realized that (1) there was no way I was going under 20 on this hilly course and (2) the girl behind me was not going to catch me before the finish. 20:35 total.

E and my mom were at the finish. Which was awesome.

Congrats to Meghan on a PR and Amanda on 1st in her AG!

E's fun run directly followed my "not so fun" run. She was great. So excited to run, ready to beat everyone out there. Super competitive (hmm...where in the world is this coming from?;) She ran, off and on, the whole mile. A pretty impressive feat for a 4 year old. Sprinted to the finish. Atta girl! Proud of you, E.

E and her ribbon. "I win-ed this"


Angela and David Kidd said...

I think it's great when you can recognize when you just don't have the "fire" and avoid burning out. Seems very smart to me.

And great race - for both you and E! I'm amazed a four year old could do a mile. She's one tough cookie. But she better look out. With everything poor Alice has been through my guess is that she's even tougher.

Meghan said...

such amazing Parker girls!!! I guess it is Alice's turn next!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Go E! She rocks and you do too :) I think it is awesome that you are just having fun now and enjoying your 5Ks. Congrats on your win.