Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why is it so hard to go hard?

An addendum to my last post.

And I will not even dignify that question with an answer. Duh.

Raced ING Georgia Half Marathon today....that hilly m-effer. :) Did not PR. Ran a 1:41 and gutted it out for that.

I struggled out there. Starting at mile 4...just wasn't feeling it. Was already MILE FOUR. Way too long to hang on to a PR dream (and my secret goal time of somewhere in the 1:36 range.) Adjusted my goals after losing over a minute to a very, very necessary portapotty stop at mile 9 to finish under 1:40.

Um, not feeling that one either, I guess.

Then, just to finish.

MIssion accomplished. :)

Glad to be done. Happy to have tried hard out there. A bit disappointed in my time....I think I can do better. And hopefully will.

Some shots of the day.

Race number, gels, and my (not achieved) pace chart.

The awesome shirt that I got at the expo.

Me and my girls post race. Mike rocked with his timing. Was right there as soon as I was done with a warm car and some smiling faces.

My "winner", according to E.


Lauren said...

Good job mommy!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That is an awesome shirt! And what nice post race shot with you and your girls. I am sorry to hear that today wasn't your day to PR. Isn't it such a mystery when some days you just aren't feeling it?

Angela and David Kidd said...

Love the shirt. Great job. Some days are just better than others (especially days that don't involve emergency trips to the port a potty). Way to gut it out.

Mama Simmons said...

Love the shirt!! And that's still a great HM time! Nice job.

DC Running Mama said...

As far as medals go, that one's pretty cool!

Still--I would be happy with that time DEFINITELY given the emergency bathroom break!

JP said...

Thanks for posting the link to the t-shirt place, I love that shirt, it is so going on my wishlist :-D

As I've said before, awesome run lady!!

Meghan said...

I LOVE your shirt!! Congrats on did great!!

Michelle H. said...

LOVE the shirt! Congrats on an awesome time!

Drago said...

You ran with an iPhone?!?