Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wiggles Wednesday

That's E and my Dad at lunch today (my sister came, too). He's on his way up from Savannah to Chicago to stay with my brother and his family. E's watching her "Wiggles" video that he brought for her right now during our newly established "quiet time". Quiet time+no nap=a kid that sleeps at night. Hallelujah.

Had my 26 week OB appointment today. Everything looks good. My weight gain is fine. (too much for me, but whatever...) Blood pressure is nice and low -- 98/57-- so no looming signs of pre/eclampsia/HELLP syndrome. Phew. Baby's HR is good. I forgot to bring my 24 hour urine test in (yes, all day long yesterday I had to pee into a cup and store it in a cooler in the fridge. So gross. Pee or apple juice? Let's double check!) so have to return again tomorrow pee filled cooler in hand. They're testing it for protein in the urine, apparently that is not a good sign either. A pain in the a$$ to be tied to the house all day for sure, but glad they're concerned and happy to oblige.

E's doing well. Super excited to turn 3 (May 27th) and for her birthday party. She's having a jumphouse and tons of bubbles. (She's obsessed with bubbles.) She cracks me up all the time...told me today after I told her we're twins since we're both wearing fleece vests. She said, "we're twins?" "Carry me, twin!".

Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

Busy weekend for us. Winetasting/Silent Auction on Friday night (we scored the best thing all3sports gift certificate for $100 for only $60 bucks. What a deal! We also got some cool art, tickets to a golf tournament, and microdermabrasion gift cards. Hoping that helps with these new pregnancy "freckles" of mine.), 2 parties on Saturday and lunch with a friend on Sunday. We were pooped and then spent the rest of Sunday putting together E's new "big girl" beds.

She got new bunk beds from Ikea for her new "big girl" room. Although, since she dropped her naps, she is FINALLY sleeping at night and we're wary of making any changes that might mess with her delicate sleep patterns. She's like the stinking princess and the pea these days!

Mike and I (and Baby No Name) on the way to the Auction.

I think I am starting nesting for the new little one. (Still no definite names for her. We're down to 2 choices...we think and just keep going back to them to see how we still like them. No idea when we're going to decide.) I've been trying to get things set for her arrival, clean stuff up, PLANT FLOWERS (totally unlike me), just generally want to have the house under control before things get too far along and I have zero energy for it.

Working out continues to feel good (yay!). I've been running/biking and swimming still and trying to get in 5-6 days a week. I aim for 40 minutes of cardio and some lifting afterward most days and it seems to be working for me. Feel like I got a good sweat in, but not exhausted from my workouts. I am a geek at the gym and carry around my copy of "Buff Moms to Be" since I really hate to lift and know nothing about it.....I like this book since it helps me to not do exercises that might hurt me or the baby.

Me and the "Princess" are enjoying quiet time right now with Elmo and Sesame Street.

Friday, April 25, 2008

"You doing Ironman, Mommy?"

Had a funny conversation with E on the way to the gym this AM.

Ella-"what you do at the gym, mommy?"

Me--"planning on running today, E"

Ella--"you doing Ironman today, mommy?"

Me--laughing"um...nope, not today!"

Ella--"why you wear an Ironman hat then?"

Wow. I got called out by a 3 year old.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Interesting Article

All about how diet affects gender in pregnancy. Click here.


or aka --"what used to be easy is no longer". As the baby grows, so does the belly. As the belly grows, so does the discomfort. (and the complaining, too.) So, what exactly is changing? Well, physically a lot.

Rolling over at night --- not so easy any more. Groaning and sighing and propping myself up on my elbows are now necessary, as is waking up. Pha-tooey.

My tan from Turks and Caicos is now just turning into brown splotches on my face. Thanks pregnancy melasma. You rock.

Oh, the slowness! My treadmill runs are now 6.2/6.3 mph. Wow. I am so thankful to still be running though, so no complaints there. Can't wait for that first post partum run though...light as a feather!

Getting up -- these days I have to really want something to get my fat butt up from wherever I am sitting. Lazy or uncomfortable? Yeah, both. :)

Holding Ella - I have about a 2 minute limit on holding my 31 lb. "baby" these days. And, oh, does she love to be held. And carried up stairs, while I have my gym backpack on (another 30 lbs) and carrying groceries. My low back does not like this one bit.

Sitting -- I like to sit down a lot these days. Just to take some pressure off my back. Sitting is comfortable, standing....not so much. I think it is time for an adjustment...they do seem to help a lot.

Those are the main ones and boy do I know that they are only going to get worse. As of tomorrow, 25 weeks down, 15 weeks to go.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Home

Back in ATL after a long weekend in Asheville, NC. My mom, dad, sister (and husband), brother (and wife and his 4 kids), me, Mike and Ella and three dogs all packed into one (LOUD) house and had a great time. Got to visit some more family that lives nearby at Lake Lure. The kids all had a ton of fun. Ella misses her "cousins" already and wants them to come to her :)

Mike, Holly (my sis-in-law), and I all decided to take on the .8 mile gravel road entry way to the cabin in a run yesterday. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Just run up and back a couple times until we're done and then head in for showers. Well, it WAS. And not only for the 6 months pregnant lady, too. Mike and Holly are FIT and they were struggling with the grade. It was straight downhill to the front for .8 miles then straight uphill back in. Ugh. The altitude didn't help either. I definitely failed in keeping my breathing "conversational" as I am supposed to. Those two dropped me fast....I was out of breath just walking and feel super sore today. Fun, tough workout for everyone. Nice to change it up a bit once in a while.

Had a 3-D ultrasound this morning and got to see the little one's face. So cute. She's right on track with growth and everything is looking good that they don't need to see me for another 6 weeks. Yahoo. Love to hear that. Keep cooking and growing, little one!

Pictures from this weekend are linked below to the right....if interested!

Congrats, Amy!

Mike's sister, Amy, just finished the Boston Marathon (for the 4th time, I think.) in 3:21:03! Woo Hoo! Smoking fast, Amy. Congrats.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Up here this weekend having a mini family reunion. Tons of kids, food
and lots of fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 months

I am in my 6th month of pregnancy right now and would kill for a fartlek. Sounds strange, but I would love mile repeats, 3x15 intervals on the bike and a hard, hard swim that leaves my ears throbbing. (always a sign, for me, that I swam hard.) I am dying to soak my shirt, front and back and have my legs dripping with sweat and to hang my head, hands on my knees, with exhaustion.

Really don't want a drink, don't want to eat sushi, don't want any of those other pregnancy taboos. (although I do miss goat cheese).

What I want is pure, physical exhaustion from an awesome workout. A definite pregnancy no-no.

Although, this kicking in my belly is pretty cool, too. A suitable substitute until August. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Frost, Hail, Sleet? could have fooled me that we live in Georgia. Had all three of those things today. Strange day, weatherwise. Hard to take in April! Even harder to take after coming off of four days of the hot Caribbean sun.

Happy to be home. Happy to see our little E. We got a great greeting last night when we pulled up. She definitely missed her Mommy and Daddy. We think we're done with vacations (longer than 2 days) without the little one(s) anymore. Although we really did enjoy our time away, I think we would have had a better time with her there. She's fun to be around. :)

My spoiled self had no real motivation to work out today. I wanted to run on the beach and swim in the Caribbean.....NOT ride the exercise bike in LA Fitness. Um, I'd better get over

I type this entry as I am sitting in the dark in Ella's room willing her to go to sleep. She's just not that into sleeping lately. Hates when we leave her room, freaks out and cries and screams. She's fine with me in here though, so here's to hoping she's out sometime soon. At least earlier than last night. (11pm) Ugh.

Congrats to all the IMAZ finishers yesterday. Looked like it was a tough day out there.

The rest of our vacation pictures on in the slideshow (down to the right) if you're interested...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heading Home

Heading to a good dinner last night. Sea Bass/Mushroom Risotto --Yum

Me and my belly at 23 weeks and a couple days

Swimming yesterday

Packing up and thinking about seeing our little E. Miss her big time. Should be home after dinner.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Turks and Caicos--More Pictures

Really enjoying our time here, but mostly missing Ella. We keep saying how much she would have liked this or that. Although we know she's having the time of her life with my mom and dad. She went to the aquarium today and loved it. (Her 4th time.)

We really just relaxed this whole time. Weren't motivated to snorkel, sea kayak or even get a massage...all the things we thought we wanted to do. We mostly just swam, ran, read and slept. Love it. Especially since come August, I KNOW I am not going to have time to do any of those things. Also nice to spend one on one time with Mike, something we don't get to do too much of at home.

Last Full Day Here

Friday, April 11, 2008

For Ella

Turks and Caicos

Having a great day today. Ran this AM....well, I ran/walked and Mike ran. Had an awesome long swim in the crystal clear water. Two a days! Unheard of for me as of late. :) Now Mike's on the beach drinking a "Miami Vice" (strawberry dacquiri and pina colada mix) while I nurse Diet Cokes. BS!

Missing E. Working on names for the new little one on the beach. Getting closer.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008


.....that's all I can say. We're here. Early AM wake up (3am!!)....MIke's napping now. I was just IM'ing with E and my mom (which explains why I am inside blogging and not outside swimming, plus it is raining now.) My new mac has a webcam built in, so E can see us. So cool. I love that....esp. since I miss her tons, already.

Water is crystal clear. Sand is white, white, white. Just like we remember....this is our second trip to the Turks and Caicos. Planning on a nice, longish swim later.

Bienvenidos a Miami

Layover on our way to Turks and caicos.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our day -- by the numbers

0 -- minutes of exercise. Still, unhappily "taking it easy" before we leave on Thursday. Don't want to mess this trip up.
0-- naps taken by one sleepy almost 3 year old.
1 -- flying leap taken out of the crib, slamming on to the floor, by said three year old followed up by...
3 -- minutes of crying and "i got scared". "Um, how about you don't jump out of the crib anymore, huh?" Problem solved.
2--Braxton-Hicks contractions endured. Better than previous days. Improving.
1 --temper tantrum thrown after leaving swim lessons. The almost three year old again.
5--bananas wasted when my sugar free banana bread ended up looking like Must have done something really wrong here. the whole house STINKS of burned bananas. Gross.

7--hours spent at the Masters by Mike. Tough day for him. :)

Adds up to a pretty good day spent with my favorite side kick. (in goggles below.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Me and the Girl Who Never Sleeps

That's her new name. Our once good as gold sleeper has gone. Never to be found again. We totally messed her up taking her paci away. Wrecked her. We've even caved (she was just miserable. And obviously, NOT ready to give it up.) and gave her the paci back and she's STILL NOT SLEEPING. Argh!

This is all making our trip on Thursday to the sunny Caribbean seem even that more appealing. Sorry Mom and Frank....hopefully sleeping beauty will return while we're gone for you guys. :) Or this might be the last time you do us another favor.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meredith Bounds

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. This is hard to make sense of. Her obituary in the AJC.

Mike enjoying my bars post run

Our Day of Rest

Mike just sat down on the couch next to me and said (pretty sternly), "I don't think you should do anything this week but walk...sorry."

He's right. I know. No more spotting (phew), but still cramping today. Braxton-Hicks seem to taper off and then pick up when I get somewhat active. I tried to swim (very easily) yesterday and it was a no go...too many BH's to feel comfortable. So, I was the big, pregnant lady at the pool with her feet in the hot tub (can't even relax in the hot tub while Mike finishes his swim...not allowed in pregnancy) wearing a see through bathing suit and pouting. Things are going downhill fast. ;)

So today is Sunday. Rest day. How fitting.

Only thing on the schedule is a lunch out (I am sure you're so surprised, Justin!) and trip to the grocery store. We need some bananas. Mike's been "thriving" as he calls it. We got the book called the "Thrive Diet" which is basically a whole foods/organic/plant and nut based way of eating. He's into it. I made him some homemade energy bars which are not so bad. (Coming from picky eater me, that's saying a lot.) Planning on making some sugar free banana bread today. Hoping it tastes good, not sure how sweet coconut oil and agave syrup are......we'll see.

Blueberry/flax seed/carob powder/buckwheat/almond energy bars. Yum.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I am D.I.D today. (that's what MIke calls it, "Down in the Dumps.) We had a stressful/sad week here.

Our neighbors/friends in Ella's playgroup lost their 17 month old little girl on Wednesday night. I can't imagine anything more awful. My heart is breaking for them. Meredith had a congenital heart problem that just got worse and worse rather quickly. It was just a couple weeks ago that she was over here playing with Annabelle. (She loved dogs and would squeal and clap her hands when she saw Annabelle.) Please say some prayers for her family.

On a much less awful note, I was also stressing this week about some spotting/cramping I had after a run on Wednesday. (Sorry if TMI!) Had to "put my feet up" according to my OB yesterday and was still feeling it this AM, so I went in for a check. Everything looks okay. I just need to take it easy for the rest of the weekend and not run until after we get back from the Turks and Caicos next week. Sucks, but I am so relieved everything is okay. 22 weeks is WAY too early for pre-term labor. My head was spinning last night with thoughts of bed rest/hospital stays....of course, I immediately jumped to the worst case scenario at 11pm when I wasn't able to sleep. I hate that I am not able to do what I want to, but apparently, my body is smarter than my mind and I am doing too much right now and need to scale back a bit.

Here's to an easy weekend, getting some rest, spending some time with my family and getting out of the "dumps". :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting wet

Swim-my day all around for the Parkers. Met Lauren at LA Fitness for a pool session. (Very weak, lazy, unmotivated pool session by me to be specific :) I had to apologize for flashing Lauren with my see through bathing suit. Yes, I know....I am a very classy pregnant lady, right? Well, my most comfortable suit (with this soccer ball in my belly) happens to be a little risque....ahem...up top, if you catch my drift. I figured comfort was my priority...screw modesty. :)

Thanks for lending me your flippers, Lauren. Honestly, its like cheating swimming with those little motors. Can't wait until mine arrive in the mail!

After my swim, E and I went to her first swim class at Seaventures. She LOVED it. I was so proud of my little water bug. She jumped right in with the teacher. (I didn't go in once.) Kicked, blew bubbles, went under. So cute. And, oh yeah, threw a major tantrum (kicking, flailing around, screaming) when she realized class was done. Nice. Guess a 2 minute warning might be a good idea next week. So happy that she enjoyed it so much and even happier now that she's napping for the first time in 4 days. She still likes to chat about how much she misses the paci, but E seems to be coping without it. Phew. I was starting to reach my breaking point!

Some pics from class. BTW -- She picked out the horrid, orange colored Dora suit. Not me. :)