Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad start/Good end

My day in a nutshell.

Rough start but finished up strong.

Started off by trying to find out how hard I can run before I vomit (I start dry heaving at around 182 bpm in case you were wondering).

Always fun at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

I decided to run the Spikes 5k instead of doing Jen's run test solo. The solo bike test left me shaking, shelled and contemplating texting Mike to send Ella downstairs to cheer me on the last 5 minutes. I could have used some of her patented "GO MOMMY GO" cheers.

Yes, I haven't really run since the half marathon 2 weeks ago and it's been 3 weeks since I did any type of speedwork, and oh yeah, this is a pretty hilly course, but, being me, I was, of course, planning for/hoping for a PR. (under 20:26).

Not so fast.


21:10. 4th female.

Come home down in the dumps to breakfast with Mike and the girls. Better already.

Go shopping with my best friend, Amanda, with, get this...NO KIDS. Definitely improving.

Dinner with Mike at Pure. My mom is babysitting the girls. Strawberry margarita in my hand.

5k? What 5k?

Me and the girls today....I made Mike take the picture (that E obviously was totally psyched to be in) because (1) I take 99% of the pictures and have a fear that the girls will think I was never around while they were little since I am not in any of the pictures and (2) I had blown my hair dry. Something that happens maybe once every 2 months. Yes, I am a very fancy lady.


Mimi said...

Mommy looks like the babysitter, Allie Mallie is watching a ceiling fan and E is being E-ish. How lucky am I? Love from the Real Babysitter Nonna

Angela and David Kidd said...

Great job with the 5K! The testing is brutal but at least it's behind you.

And I hear you on the pictures. I hate having my picture taken so everyone was shocked when I asked to have my picture taken with Zach. Like you said, I don't want him to look back and think I wasn't around.

Your hair looks great. My hair hasn't been out of a ponytail in months!

Drago said...

You couldn't come up with more than three excuses for not running a PR?

(Actually four excuses if you count the solo bike test that was so "hard" you were texting people while doing it.)

Kate Parker said...

Drago -- I will break you.

Drago said...

"Drago --- I will break you ...... EXCEPT if I have to do it at 7:30, haven't "broken" anyone in 3 weeks, have to break you somewhere hilly, if my heart rate goes over 182 when trying to break you, or if I can't text my daughter to come cheer me one while attempting to break you."

Mama Simmons said...

I haven't had a picture with Moana in months! MY mom is coming next week though so I bet she'll take some. But you're right- that would involve taking my hair out of the bun its always in!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SOOO cute you guys are !!!! :)