Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pools near Seagrove, FL?

Was hoping for some help out there.....

Does anyone know the area? I can't seem to find a pool to workout in (yes, I know the ocean is RIGHT THERE but I just don't feel comfortable swimming solo for long periods of time in the ocean where all the stuff that lives in there wants to eat me.)

I've checked on the internet, but googling "pools near Seagrove, FL" takes me to vacation rentals with pools. Which we already have, thanks.

So...if anyone knows of any lap pools in the area, please let me know.


Slow week

I don't mean slow is in "not busy" kind of slow.

I mean slow as in me. I am the turtle this week.

Slow in the pool. Slow on the bike. Slow on the run. Slow to get out of bed. Slow to clean the house, slow to fold the laundry (not that I am ever what you would call "quick" there anyway).....slow, slow, slow.

I've been dragging since last week. Dragging around sinuses loaded up with infection. Dragging around a 21 lb. (adorably) heavy weight on my right hip that cries as soon as removed from said hip (she and E both have some sort of virus, too). Dragging around guilt for missing workouts and bagging a 10K that I was planning on doing this weekend.

Ready to fast forward to next week. A fresh slate.

A new week of workouts. A few days on antibiotics that I know will kick this sinus infection to the curb. And mostly because we're going on VACATION!!

I am so excited. Our first real family vacation. Seagrove, Fl -- here we come. A week of no work for Mike, a pool all her own for E, white Gulf sand for Alice to eat 200 yards away....I CAN'T WAIT.

E is ready to clear out the Gulf with her new goggles.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tammy Faye Parker

Her "makeover". Looks good, no?


Happy Birthday, Ella!

Can't believe you're 4 today. That flew by. No kidding. They say with kids that the days are long and the years are fast. So true.

I try, but can't find any vestiges of baby in you anymore. Not in your face, your hands, your actions...

This fact makes me want to cry and also so proud. Proud of you for the amazing little girl you are. Fearless, confident, funny, loving, sweet, crazy you.

May 27th, 2005

You at 1 year old.

Getting bigger...

And you now...

We love you, E.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Water Baby x2

Alice's first time in the water and she loved it. Nice. Cried when I took her out.

I now officially have two water babies.

Friday, May 22, 2009


So, we're back home from NY (since Monday night, but the darn internet has been out -- hence no blog updates.)

On the ground. Safe and sound. Exhale slowly.....

I was truly, truly scared of this trip.

The plane was freaking me out. Seriously freaking me out.

My brain on the plane..

My dread got really bad. So much so that I went to talk to someone about it.

She told me after once to come back. Thought two "talks" might help more, in her professional opinion. :)

And it did.

But, not as much as upping the dose of valium I took.

Much better now.

The "crazy doctor", as I so nicely refer to her, talked about grounding myself on the plane.

Doing what I need to make it okay for me..whatever that might be. For me? It is drugs. Plain and simple....and really deep breathing helps, too. I want to travel to far away places. On planes. I am scared. So, I deal.

I never want to let fear of something dictate to me what I can and can't do. That just makes me mad. The fear. I am thinking, who are you (fear) to tell me what I can and can't do? I am just a bit stubborn, huh?

And oh, do I have some fears. Open water being a big one. Triathlon anyone?

Some pics of all of the stuff we've been up to lately...

My dad came up to visit. We went out for bagels...Alice's new favorite food.

Mike, his dad and Alice and some really pretty grass and trees.

Miss Alice -- coming up on 10 months already. She is thisclose to crawling now.

Mike's from the OC. OC, NY, that is.

The Parker Fam. And Riley the dog. With a halo on. :)

The Hudson Valley (where Mike's family lives) is so pretty. The view from the restaurant.

Wet and Wild Days at E's school. She LOVED it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Running in NY

In Newburgh, NY visiting Mike's family...and getting a nice run in, too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Indian Springs Sprint Tri Race Report

Another tri the parks sprint. My second in two weeks.

Oh, am I a racing fool these days.

A 2008 filled with weight gain, constant nausea, and zero races (all for good cause, of course, Miss Alice) 2009, you can bet I will be dangerous with a credit card on

Indian Springs is a small, all-female race. Nice and nice. (600 yd swim/12.8 mile bike/3.1 mile run) My plan (if you can even call it that) was the same as John Tanner. Just GO! And see what happens.

One wave for everyone. I thought this was going to suck, but it was fine. Really no contact after the first 100 or so. Water was 76, so I opted for no wetsuit. I had it on, then off...I was kind of looking to the girls that I knew were really fast swimmers and seeing what they did. I am such the follower. I figured they knew more than I did about it and I would save some time in transition and avoid that annoying choking feeling that I get wearing it. (I must have a thick is so tight there!)

Swim...bouy...swim....bouy...sun in my eyes...where the hell is the next bouy?...i can't see, darn sun...shoot...i really need some tinted goggles...I can't see anything but that ball of fire in front of's a turn...ahh, away from the sun.....there's the swim exit....GO!!!

Out of the water in exactly the same time as John Tanner (11:00). Long, steep, uphill run to transition. Love that. I can't swim too fast, but I can haul a$$ up a hill! I think I passed 3 or 4 girls on the way there. Ended up with the 8th fastest swim of the day which is UNHEARD of for me. (Swim --11:56)

Hop on the bike through the booming metropolis of Flovilla, GA. A large urban center that lets dogs roam free on the side of the road. Angry dogs. Where denture billboards are more frequently seen than leashes or fences.

Yep, between miles 1 and 2 of the bike, going 20+ mph, I was chased (for a good while!) by an angry, barking, biting dog. Scared the crap out of me. I was all alone...couldn't see the rider ahead of me and didn't have time to look behind me either. I was screaming, "NONONONONO" at Cujo and had to veer off the road, into the gravel and grass to finally shake him. I am sure I lost at least 5 minutes right there. At least. ;) (Bike -- 40:06)

Off the bike onto the run. Run was painful. And hilly. Really hilly. I honestly thought I was running 26 minute miles the way my legs were feeling. The only nice thing about this run was my new shoes. I got some new Zoot running shoes to race in and they're awesome. SO light and comfortable and made to wear without socks. And they're pink. Perfect. (Run time --22:55)

Finish up the steep hill and DONE. Phew. No puke this time. Although, Coach Jen said that as I got fitter that would happen less and less, so I choose to attribute my lack of puking to my increased fitness instead of me dogging it out there. :) (Total time --1:16:20 1st AG/6th Overall)

Right after I finish, I head to transition for the 4th leg of the race....the race home to feed Alice.

Start packing my bag, smack a bug on my arm.


That stings. See the remnants of a dead red ant on my arm and a large, white welt forming. SH$#!! I am can't breathe, break out in full body hives, emergency room allergic to those little effers. Argh. I am in the middle of nowhere Georgia, an hour and a half from home, drove by myself and I KNOW my epi-pen is expired. (Mike is gonna kill me for letting that happen!) Find the medics. Show them my arm to see what they think. It is thankfully not getting worse. Wait for the hives. They don't come. Wait some more. Get bored. Update my Facebook status as to what I am doing. Scare my family. Scare my friends. Mike is getting calls to see if I am okay. Get yelled at by Mike to take it down and let everyone know I am fine. (Sorry!) Check for hives. Nope, still not there. I am SUPERWOMAN! Take a benadryl. Decide that the one bite that I got is not going to send me anaphylactic shock and drive home.


No dogs or ants in the car.

My lunch date

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Every day should be this nice...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, feeling special and appreciated and loved like I was today.

The day could not have started out any better with Alice in our bed at 6 to eat. Then Mike and I hung out with her in sort of a half awake, half asleep, cuddly state until E appeared at 7:30. Mike took Alice with him downstairs and E and I slept in. Until 9:30. Yes, 9-freaking-30.

I don't think you can appreciate the amazing-ness that is sleeping in (especially after a 4:30 am wake up call on Saturday for my race -- will post race report tomorrow.) until you're a mom. Especially if you're a mom of a little devil that doesn't like to sleep. (Alice)

It is the ultimate luxury. Mike and I use it as a form of currency. (i.e. if you do this for me, I will let you sleep in on such and such day.) Although, I am much better at it than Mike. He wastes it. Sleeps until 8 or so. Me? I take it all the way. Really get my mileage out of it.

So anyway, the day. Was great. A long run in the sun. Chimichangas with my mom. Sweet gifts from my family. Cards. Calls. Emails. Texts. Wow. I feel so special.

All for being and doing the most wonderful thing I have ever done or been a part of. I love being a mom. Love it.

Thanks for celebrating with us, Mom. I loved my gift and spending the day with you was the best. (I also love my athleta gift card, my massage!, and my art of tri shirt. thanks, Mike!)

A bunch of sweet cards and the best thing behind them. Mike making dinner.

One of my mom's gifts...she loved this. Cried (not that it takes a lot for her!) We all contributed some of our favorite memories of our childhood, of her as a mom, good times we have had with her, etc. put them in the vase for her to read. Thanks to the family for all of your thoughts and memories. Mom loved it.

My gift from my mom and E was perfect for this lazy, hates to garden, but likes the look of flowers mom.

They planted flowers for me! Awesome.

Me and the girls. Notice Ella's hat? My mom made her the "sleeping hat" that she wanted. She's in bed with it on now. Mom made Alice one, too. They are too cute.

The back of the "sleeping hat" and the crazy 3 year old running around wearing it.

I was so excited about my gifts for my mom and Mike's mom. Sihouettes of the girls. My mom gave me the best compliment when she asked me where I had them made. Crafty old me did them myself.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sniff. Sniff.

This morning, I was on adorable overload.

The sight of 3 and 4 year olds pledging allegiance, proudly presenting their mom's with handmade gifts, singing songs about rainbows, and bringing flowers to a statue of Mary was just too much.

Tissue, please.

E's school had a special Mother's Day tea for the moms today. It was just great. I loved every minute of it.

"No babies allowed. You have to get rid of Alice, Mommy". Alice was "gotten rid of" to my mom so I could concentrate 100% on of her favorite things in the world. Everyone's and anyone's full attention on her. :) Daddy, Alice and Mimi (my mom) were permitted by her highness to witness the May Crowning of Mary after the tea.

Some shots...

My place setting

E and her buds

Me and E having our tea

All the moms (we missed you, Meghan!) in our special hats

"Prayer Hands"

E was so excited that Mike was there.

All of us.

My new bling courtesy of my 3 year old jewelry designer.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feet up

My feet are up for the night.

Well, at least until Alice starts yelling or Ella needs water, or her blankie, or the light on. So, to be more accurate, let's substitute "night" for "the next five minutes at most".

They are tired. Tired from a week's worth of hard, but awesome, workouts and really tired from wearing high heels last night.
Something I never do. Heels suck. I think a night in heels does more damage to my poor dogs than running a marathon. Something is wrong with that.

Mike and I got all fancied up and went to a wine tasting and auction for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta last night. Lots of fun, conversation, wine and a few hours later we ended up with the winning bids on way too many, way too random things.

A recap of our night....

Glug. Glug.

All 3 Sports gift card? I am all over that. Makes sense, I will totally use this.
$100 bucks at the New Balance store? Yessah. I really want some new shoes. What a great bargain.

Sip. Sip. Sip.
A Jimmy Buffet autographed book? Hmmm.....that didn't sound good before, but now for some reason sounds like we must have that!. Yes, I know, we are not even fans, but it. is. autographed.

A weekend away in Florida at the WaterColor Inn? Yes. (Um, refill here please.) Yes, that does sound expensive, but (that is a good champagne. let's go back and try some more.) hey, this is for charity, right?

Tickets to the Barclays golf tournament, a haircut at a local salon, and a dinner at a nearby restaurant round out our booty.

Funny thing is...most of this was Mike. The guy hates to shop, but get him at an auction and he is dangerous.

Heading out..

The girls this week...

Carousel with my mom (I have only been on once with E. I get so sick on there. What a wuss, I am.)

This little devil has decided she doesn't like to sleep at night or nap anymore. Good thing she's cute. Let's move on past this phase and fast, Miss Alice. Mommy is begging. please...

This one has decided she wants to sleep with a night cap on ("Mommy, I want a hat to sleep in...a long Santa wears.") Um, sure. Size 5T nightcaps are SO easy to find.