Monday, June 30, 2008


....she's turned! Yahoo! Little baby Parker is no longer breech.

I am so psyched.

Not that there is any guarantee that I am NOT having a c-section, but I was SCARED of one. I mean really scared. Having nightmares scared of it. So, thankfully, looks like one is not in the equation so far.


Had an ultrasound today with my perinatologist. The baby is doing great. 4 lbs. 15 oz. (right on track) and apparently has a ton of hair. That cracks me up since E literally did not have a hair on her head until 18 months....she was a baldy for so long. Guess I might have to figure out how to do someone else's hair this time around. (Still not much I can do with E's curly mop.)

Here she is at 34 weeks.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

We've been going non-stop since Friday. Ella's loving it. Surrounded by family and activity, she's in her element. I am going to miss all the help and company come Monday.

Started out Friday by going to eat at the restaurant that my sister works at...The River Room in Vinings. Good stuff. I took down a delicious crab cake BLT with my sister and Jamie (my brother in law).

My sister and E

Followed lunch with a swim with my mom and dad. She's not having ANY fun here either.

Apparently, my dad is a fan of scaring little children. :)

The guys rocked the house and put together our new deck furniture.

Then celebrated with margaritas

All followed up with dancing and Mexican food

Everyone else is in bed. Me? The pregnant lady? Not tired at all, for some reason. Must be all this help with Ella that gave me this second wind. Good chance to catch up on some episodes of "Kathy Griffin -- My Life on the D-List". Jealous? :)

More pics are in the slideshow on the right.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

34 weeks

First time in a while that I left my OB's office NOT crying.

Good sign. :)

I am usually so frustrated and upset about something they did or didn't do.

Nice, uneventful visit this time. No bed rest threats. Nothing bad at all.

All looks good. Baby is growing fine. Looking like they are going to induce me in my 39th week seeing as the longer you're pregnant the greater chance of getting pre-eclampsia. (My OB likened this period of time in my pregnancy to feeling like I "have an anvil over my head". Hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks! Very calming.)

Induction is totally fine with me. Although, experiencing going into labor might be kind of cool/exciting (I got induced with Ella, too). So, hopefully, barring a breech induced c-section, we're all done being pregnant sometime between August 5th and August 11th.

I am huge. No joke. See pics below. So happy (sarcasm) to run into someone I haven't seen in over 6 years today that I went to college and high school with....I was like, come on....I am a whale. Do I have to run into people I haven't seen in forever looking this way?? Apparently so.

Yep. Still vain even 8.5 months pregnant. Yay me. :)

E kissing her little sister.

Mike and E last night. Heading to the "mac and cheese one" aka "Taco Mac".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Two Favorite Girls

Yes, one was probably just outside eating her poop and one has peanut butter all over her face and no pants on, but they both rock.

Can't get comfortable today. Sitting, standing, lying down all suck. Can't imagine it is going to get better any time soon. Good times, people, good times.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Knocked Up

Not too much going on design.

I am consciously trying not to plan/take on a lot these last few weeks before little No Name (yep, nothing, nada, no progress on her name.) arrives. I love the quality time with E and don't want any extra stress these days, especially since I know what is coming (lots of it).

Plus, I am pretty low on energy most of the time anyway. Works out well.

Saturday night we headed down to Buckhead for a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Phil). Been a while for us. Unless it is in Roswell and they hand out crayons with your meal....we probably haven't been for 3+ years. We ended up at the new Fado near the end of our night. Obviously, not our scene, but hey, we're here for a party. I got SO many strange looks, stares and whispers once we were in there. I was drinking a DIET COKE! Not smoking crack and doing lines in the bathroom, geez. Yes, I am obviously pregnant and in a bar. Apparently, that makes me BAD. ;)

Mike and I were cracking up...feeling like we were living that scene in "Knocked Up" where the bouncer won't allow the sisters into the club. His reason....

"You old, she pregnant. Can't have a bunch of old pregnant b@#$% running around."

Post swim lessons today. A total waste of time/money this time. E was not in the mood to learn and/or swim and barely did either.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New meaning to the term "soccer mom"

Coo/inspirational interview with 2 moms on the US National Soccer Team here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

One year ago....

...this weekend was my first (and far) Ironman. Wow. I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly.

Ironman Coeur D'Alene was an amazing experience and one I hope to be able to do again. (seems SO far away right now though.) Although definitely a closer Ironman for my next one...I've got IM Florida in my sights sometime in the next few years. I really would love to have more family there for the next one, the flights, the travel, the hassle of going across the country is not my thing, especially when you have the huge stress of doing an Ironman.

I just dropped off my wetsuit with a friend who is borrowing it for a race next me thinking about what I would like to do next year. I basically would love to be able to do a few races....some smaller sprints, possibly Gulf Coast and some Olympics, definitely some 5 and 10Ks and maybe a half mary thrown in there.

After I had E, I got back to running after 3 weeks. Seems so soon to me now. (I was so sneaky about it, too. Take E out in her regular stroller, not the jogging one yet, and then get around the corner where no one could see and start to run. I thought everyone would yell at me for running so soon.)

Did a few 5K's after 3 months. Then, I did a half marathon 5 months post partum and it didn't feel like I was pushing it or it was too soon (I actually PR'd). It felt right. Same thing with Gulf Coast when she was a little under a year. Felt right and really good to be doing something that was just for me.

Who knows with this one? One thing I do not want to do is get down on myself if I am not where I was last time around (easier said than done, I am sure.) All I can say is that I am salivating over the thought of it all. Can't wait to get back to racing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

7 weeks

7 weeks left of my life as I know it.

I like this life. A lot. Being uncomfortably pregnant, I can do without. But, the rest is pretty cool. Love being Ella's mom. Enjoy the time that I get to spend with her. So thankful that I am able to devote my days to listening to her talk, make jokes, be silly and grow. Like that Mike and I get time together to talk/go out/laugh. Love that we all have our little routines.

In a few short weeks....pfffttt....all those routines? Gone.

I guess what I am trying to say is that....I AM SCARED.

Scared of what? Scared of the delivery. (Especially now that I know what I am getting ain't a joke, people.) Scared of the recovery. Scared of the sleepless nights. Well, maybe not scared, so much as...maybe dreading is a better word?

The trip to Babies R Us today to buy nursing pads and another Diaper Champ (along with $200 dollars worth of other essentials) did not help matters much. Ugh. I am back in nursing pads soon? Yes, those same nursing pads that are necessary so I don't look like someone shot me in both boobs with a water gun every few minutes. Wait, I am going to be nursing someone again soon? Whoa. Let's all slow down here...

Hanging out in the delivery room last weekend at Northside was an eye opener, too. All the monitors, the consent forms we had to sign for everything under the sun, the mirror to watch yourself pushing (WOW!) and just the smell of that place freaked me out. I was so ready to get out of there.

It's all just getting so close.

Can you hear my teeth chattering?

I can't wait to meet and fall in love with this little one. I am so thankful we get to have her. I am just scared/dreading the pain/exhaustion/blah/blah/blah of all that is involved with HAVING her. It's understandable, right? Right?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Janet Evans

E's our own little, blonde Janet Evans.

She had a swim lesson today at our neighborhood pool and was really swimming. Truly. Not a long distance, but really swimming. Arms pulling water, legs kicking, lifting her head to breathe -- the whole deal. I am so proud. At the risk of sounding like a braggart, her teacher said she was the best she'd ever seen at her age. (Okay, too late...I am a big braggart.) But, yay for E, right? :) I just wanted to make sure that she's cool to get to the side safely in case she falls in...the rest is gravy.

She is so happy and full of joy when she's swimming, it is awesome to see. (I could take a cue from her. Swimming? Near the bottom of my favorite workouts list.)

Some pictures from her lesson today.

Jumping off the diving board.

The rest of the family is doing well, too. Me? I am happy not to be in the hospital with pre-eclampsia. :) Thankful to be at the gym this morning. Miss Mildred (E's favorite) at the LA Fitness Kids Klub seems to think that the baby has moved...just by looking at my belly. Who knows? I will chose to believe her and not worry any more about this baby being breech, not much I can do about it anyway.

One of the trainers at the gym asked me how far along I was since he didn't think my belly could get much bigger. Thanks, dude. :) You just watch....I've got 8 more weeks to get bigger. I might just knock you over with it, too. Watch out!
32 weeks and a few days.

Mike's coping with some sore calves from his first road race in a long time on Saturday. He did the GA 400 road race on Saturday AM and did really well. Definitely was working hard! A 4 mile race. Ugh. Sounds painful. 3.1 for a 5K hurts enough as it is....the other .9 I could do without.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hope everyone has a great day today....with your kids or dads or whoever.

Special wishes to all the great dads I know..especially my dad, my brother, Mike's dad and of course, Mike.

No big plans for the day....whatever Daddy wants to do is on the agenda. Sleeping in, for him, seems to be the the first item. :) Although, I am pretty sure E can convince him the pool is a great Father's Day tradition to start.

One of E's and my presents for Daddy. We did this last year, too. E loves the movies of her and Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Mike.

Friday, June 13, 2008

All clear

Daniel laRusso and I are heading home. Yahoo!!

As you can see, The Karate Kid and I are a little punch drunk.

Bored, tired & at Northside

That's me...big, fake smile on my face lying in the hospital bed.

No worries...were all fine. They just wanted to run some tests on me
to make sure that I an not having any preeclampsia signs. (I think the
combination of me seeing spots, slight BP increase, nausea and history
made it a good call.)

Easiest and quickest way to do it was to just come on down to the
hospital, give some blood and wait....which we are doing now.

9:31 and we're fading....ready for bed and NOT a Northside bed (as
nice as these are).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who is the doctor?

Another OB appointment today. Another day frustrated with my care (or lack of it.)

Sheesh. I am trying to determine if what I am feeling (frustration) is warranted OR if I am a crazy, pregnant lady who expects too much. Honestly, right now, I am not sure. Thoughts are always welcome. :)

A little background...
I switched OB's at the beginning of this pregnancy since my last OB had a HUGE miss and dismissed a bunch of symptoms that I had post partum with Ella that ended up as full fledged eclampsia, complete with seizures. No fun.

So, this time, I am admittedly oversensitive to anything that I think puts me or the baby in danger (i.e. high blood pressure, swelling -- all signs of pre-eclampsia).

Head in today for my 32 week appt. BP is 120/? (can't remember that second number). High for me. Usually I am at 100/50something. I have to ask what it is..."Oh, it is good." Me -- "What is it exactly?" She tells me and I have to almost shout that this is high for me and not a good number. Doesn't seem to care that this # is not my normal BP. She says "we don't worry about it unless it is 140 at least." Um, okay. So, with my history of eclampsia and normally low blood pressure, this is nothing to worry about??? Sounded off to me. I checked later on this at home...

"High blood pressure is defined as blood pressure of 140/90 or greater as measured on two separate occasions within six hours. However, a woman who normally has a low baseline blood pressure, such as 90/60, could be considered hypertensive at a blood pressure of less than that - especially if she has other symptoms. A rise in the diastolic (lower number) of 15 degrees or more, or a rise in the systolic (upper number) of 30 degrees or more is cause for concern."

So, I guess if I am at 130/65 something, I should be worried.

Why do I have to be the one to determine this? Seriously, isn't this the job of the doctor? I also had to remind them of additional testing that I need.....Why am I having to ASK for this testing? Shouldn't they be the ones to suggest it? Pha-tooey.

Gonna let this sit for tonight and see if I feel like changing OB's at 32 weeks tomorrow. I am leaning towards it. I think my doctors are good, just too busy to get their jobs done least for me, it seems.

Or, I could be a crazy, hormonal pregnant lady. Always, a possibility. :)

Ella provided her usual levity by singing to me (and Mike) the ever popular "The Farmer in the Jell-O" on the way home from Taco Mac. Her version of a remix to "Farmer in the Dell".

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain, Rain..

...Go Away! The weather played a cruel joke on Ella today.

We were at the pool (her favorite thing in the "whole wide world"). One jump in. Then.....BOOM BOOM!

Stinking thunder came.

Pool closed.

Poor E, who is scared of thunder, and who does not leave the pool on good terms (normally crying) lost her sh%$. Scared and mad is not a good combo for a tired, napless 3 year old.

All is well now. Painting her Dora mailbox (thanks, Baums!) seems to soothe her nerves.

All is well with me and Baby No Name, too. Work outs going well this week (40 minutes of cardio seem to be my max as of late.) Have my 32 week appt. at my OB tomorrow. Hoping they are going to tell me she's turned, but I have my doubts. Been visiting the new chiropractor, too.....he's hopeful that he can help her to see the light and get outta my ribs. We'll see...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I have more than my fair share. A few...

1. Bravo Reality TV shows -- i.e. "Real Housewives of NY", "Top Chef", "Workout", "Project Runway"-- all on our DVR. They're just plain awesome. Terribly, terribly shallow and therefore...awesome.

2. Fun Dip -- yes, I know. It is colored sugar. That's it. But, I love me some sugar. Esp. the sticks that you eat it with...those are like the dessert after the sugar. Yum.

3. Chick books -- While I like to read some heavier books now and again, I look at these books (i.e Emily Giffin, Jane Green) as palate cleansers. (Def. recommend "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin and am now just starting "Second Chance" by Jane Green). No one can subsist on a diet of "1000 Splendid Suns" all the time. least, I can't.

4. -- These are the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. All gossip sites and all awful, but SO good.

5. Shoes -- I have gotten way into buying shoes these days. Wonder why? Well, nothing else looks good/fits right/or will be in my closet come September. Shoes always fit no matter how big my belly gets. I can't seem to stop getting more Keen shoes. They're so comfortable and nice looking (I think). Also, got some new Chaco flops that rock.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Party Time

Had E's 3rd birthday party yesterday in our backyard aka HELL.

Holy cow is it ever hot here. Wow. I sweated like a stinking pig all day long. Had to change shirts 3 times/2 showers just to make myself presentable. (And I am not even sure I was.....I can't believe how much more I sweat while pregnant. Gross.)

Fun times though. So nice to see friends and their kids. Think we had about 12 kids all under 5, a jump house, bubbles, sand box, sand table, pinata, cake....and no big injuries. Phew. E had a great time. Played hard, enjoyed her friends, presents and cake. 3rd birthday parties are no joke. Lots of work! We were lucky enough to have a lot of family helping us out.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Esp. thanks to our families for their HUGE help yesterday. Mike's brother and mom took E to the pool and helped out a ton and my mom, dad, sis and bro-in-law all came through big time getting everything set up and food bought and ready. Needless to say, everyone is a little sleepy today.

So, the 3rd birthday celebrations have finally come to a close. Took long enough. :)

Some pics.

Mike had to eventually rip this thing....wiffle ball bat and 3 year old arms were not getting the job done.

Care bears cake. Publix makes a rocking cake. Yum.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Can't seem to get it together today. So, so tired. I have a hard time thinking "it is okay to be tired, you're 31 weeks pregnant. It is totally normal" as opposed to "GET YOUR LAZY A$$ UP AND GET SOME SH%$ DONE!". Yeah, sometimes the voice in my head is a little yell-y and has a potty mouth. :)

However, the getting breathless from WALKING UP THE STAIRS is just too much...come on, why is this BS. I fancy myself a pretty fit person, albeit a pregnant one, so why the Darth Vader imitation every time I encounter some stairs?

I was so tired/lazy that I canceled 2 doctor's appointments for today. One for me and one for E. Just couldn't rally enough to run around town all day getting to them. Plus, my mom was over and I was using her genius (it really is a gift!) for helping me hang pictures/rearrange the nursery. Made a big difference, really warmed it up. Still a work in progress, but this is what we have so far. Thanks, Mom!

Most little girls have Red Sox decorations in their rooms, right?

The dog pictures are ones my mom painted of Annabelle and Max.

Best thing here? The couch is a pull out, so I can sleep in here with her when needed. Mike's gonna love that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

31 weeks....

....almost. Tomorrow is 31 weeks. And I am a whale. See? There's got to be more room in there for more baby, but it is hard to remember/imagine this belly getting much bigger. (And then it all deflates into mushy jello-belly, ugh.)

E wanted in on the picture taking action today.

Workouts have resumed and "the crazies" are at bay. (Right, Mike?) Braxton-Hicks are there, but not so bad, so I just try to ignore them. I figure if there's something to worry about (um, like real labor), I can't ignore it. It will hurt too much! (Sound familiar, Lauren?!?)

Running, these days, has gone the way of tucking my shirt in. It's not easily doable anymore.

I try some days to rotate a minute on and a minute off. It has been replaced, for now, with the elliptical and the bike. I like those two since I get my heart rate up and sweat my a$$ off. I can't get my self going fast enough running to do either of those things. The payback for running is too great right now....limping around like a 90 year old the rest of the day is not worth 30 minutes of slow jogging.

Wow. Am I ever going to get back in shape? Seems likes such a long, hard road right now. Worth it, but, sheesh, gonna be tough.

Mike's doing well. Signed himself up for Chattanooga Oly in July. E and I are planning on going to cheer him on. I did that race 2 years ago....hilly and hot are what I remember. I think he'll be happy to get a race under his belt before his 1/2 Iron in November.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Crawling like a baby

That's how you're going to find me the next few weeks....crawling around like a baby on all fours. Either that or rocking with my pelvis raised, or maybe at the chiropractor getting the Webster Technique. Yep, baby no name is still breech and all of those things are said to help her to turn. (apparently, yelling at my stomach isn't doing the trick.)

According to my doc, still not a big deal and "nothing to worry" about at 30 weeks. They can easily turn up until 36 weeks (after that, I guess they stay put.) I am thinking though...that she is not going to turn. She's been this way since 20 weeks and hasn't moved since..I guess she likes her head in my ribs. I am going to do everything to try to get her out of there though. Proactive is my mindset for the next 6 weeks!

Especially since my perinatologist said that he would not recommend a version for me since I have an anterior placenta. (Learned a lot of new things today at the doc, I had no idea. No wonder I don't feel this little one moving as much as I did with E.)

If she doesn't turn, then the only option is a c-section. I am scared to death of this. I just don't want one. Not at all. Those celebrities that choose them baffle me. Not like regular labor is a walk in the park, but at least it is not major surgery! I've never had any BIG surgeries (knock wood) and having one right before months of sleepless nights is not a great place to start. Ugh, no thanks.

Good news is that she is healthy. Weighing in at 3 lbs 4 oz., measuring correctly, my fluid is good, BP is good. Essentially all is well if she would just TURN!! :) My mom thinks if we just gave her a name that would do the trick. Still no luck in that department. Working on it though...

Her little foot from my ultrasound today.

Profile at 30 weeks.

She's holding the cord here. 3-D 24 week pic.