Sunday, August 12, 2007

Acworth Women's Sprint Tri

Ahh...done. And home on the couch. And still not showered. Gross, but we were busy once I got home. Lunch then Trader Joe's fix.

Race went well. Acworth goes all out for this. So many spectators, especially for a sprint race. I can't say that 600 nearly naked women swimming, running and biking discourages guys from coming out though. :) Michelle came out to nice to see her there. Thanks for all the yelling, Michelle! Can't wait to come and reciprocate at IM Florida. Kindzia was there, too. (What a surprise, huh? Single, male about a great dating pool for him.)

Good swim. Not too much contact. Nice change from the last sprint I did where it was bad. I was actually going really hard on the swim, arms were burning. Good for a sprint though, I guess.
Bike was great. Felt strong and really pushed it. Hilly ride.
Run was tough...hilly again. No dry heaves though...made me think I didn't push hard enough. Oh well, there's always next race to drop some heaves.

Total --1:10something (I think). 2nd in my Age Group (I think). I didn't hang around for the awards, but Kindzia did and he promised to collect any hardware I might have gotten.

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JP said...

Way to go Kate!!! BTW - here is a link to official results! Results. Fastest Run in your Age Group and pretty darn fast bike too! Congrats!