Thursday, June 25, 2009

Job Well Done....

...IronGirls PR person. You got me.

Congratulations. I am officially excited for your race this weekend.

After flooding my email box with first weekly emails to get me training, then bi-weekly emails to let me know how cool and fun your event is going to be and now daily ones to give me logistics about race weekend, I get the picture....

IRONGIRLS sprint (1/3 mile swim/18 mile bike/3 mile run) IS ON SUNDAY. AND I'D BETTER BE READY. :)

I have gotten more emails about this sprint than any other race. Combined. Even Ironman.

Actually, the sheer volume of information in all the emails is confusing me. I just want to know where to go and what time to be there. That's it. More than that and I tune out. I am more than likely missing some huge piece of important information, like it is mandatory to race in high heels and pearls. This being an all girls event and all.

Two things that did catch my attention were (1) AG winners get these necklaces as awards.

Do I ever want one of those. Seriously. That's my goal. Get me a necklace. (well, try to get me one. Hard to make goals based on AG finish, but I have a time goal in my head that I will be completely happy with if achieved.) I want to look like a triathlon Mr(s). T. Layer up my Ironman necklace with this one and pity fools all over Atlanta.)

And the other thing was this.
Today, Iron Girl, the premiere all-women's event-based brand, announces that the third annual Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta Triathlon will be televised nationally on NBC Sports. The broadcast will air on Saturday, Aug. 23, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. ET. The telecast will showcase a highly competitive professional field as well as a diverse group of athletes varying in age and fitness level.

As Ella would say, "dats pool".

I am so excited to see the pros race. In person. ON THE SAME COURSE AS ME. Just so excited about that. Yes, I've raced with pros before, but never in a sprint and never with pros like this. I can't wait to see how stinking fast they are.

Michellie Jones
Kate Major
Samantha McGlone
Mirinda Carfrae
Pip Taylor

Yes, some definitely bold face names in that crowd.

The lemonade shill-er and I are heading up on Saturday for the expo and (hopefully) meet some of those fasties.

Then Sunday, as Jen says, I am ready to SUFFER. I can feel the butterflies already. (Nice, lady friendly, pink ones, of course.) WOOO HOOO. Bring it!


Jenny said...

What the flip? I've done this race the past two years and it was just a little local there's a pro field? Granted, we got to meet Michellie the first year, but that was just her doing the race to promote it. Now it's on tv, too? Waahhh, I wish I was there! (oh, and thanks to you, I'm now coveting that necklace...have to have it) Good luck on Sunday!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That is a serious pro field! Good luck and have fun out there. I really hope you get your necklace so you can look like Mr. T...that is funny. I once won a triathlon bracelet, maybe I will send it to you to go with your Mr. T look :)

Angela said...

Good luck on Sunday. What a great event it sounds like. Can't wait to read your race report.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Good luck! And just remember, if it hurts really bad, you are probably right where you should be.

And see if you can get on TV!