Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't mess with Ella

An admittedly weak update after a long break. Here's the gist.

Kindergarten started. My heart broke. I missed E. She missed me. And cried in the bathroom about it, daily, for a few weeks (her, not me. I didn't attempt to hide my tears). Settling in now...everyone. She likes school, which is great.

Alice is breathing well again after an ER trip last night. Damn croup. She's all 'roided up like a guido from Jersey Shore and breathing much easier now. Longest 8 miles to that hospital, ever.

That's all I've got after 4 hours of sleep. On the floor of A's room. Oof.


Angela and David said...

Poor Alice. Glad she's okay.

Now start posting more. I need more E and Alice updates.

Aspiring Domestic Diva said...

I seriously want to have tshirts and/or bumper stickers printed that say, "I fought the croup and... I WON!" Or maybe "FU Croup" would be better.

SO glad Alice is doing better AND that E has settled into school. You guys rock and we miss you like crazy!!