Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Christmas...

I was thinking about where I was last Christmas this past week. Last year, I was in full on Ironman training mode. I was completely focused on finishing that race. I thought about it all the time. I talked about it non stop (right, Mike?). I stressed about it. It was fully encompassing. Good and bad.

This year I have no races planned. I have no training plan to follow. No scary Ironman is waiting for me in June. I miss it and I don't. I am happy to have this year to (hopefully) add to our family and although you certainly can't have a timeline for that....I know that IM and babies don't mix. At all. And since you need to plan any race months and months (12 to be exact for IM) in advance, I look ahead instead to the 2009 season.

I still am running, biking and (rarely) swimming. I can't not do that. I am still doing smaller running races. I love them. Just no huge time and physical commitments for 2008. I knew this was going to be the case since last year. I thought it would be a bigger sacrifice than it already seems. I can't wait to come back stronger and better to tris in the next few years. I really love doing them and can't see myself giving it up. I have too many goals to accomplish and have had too much fun doing them to stop now. (Plus, Mike won't let me....that bike of mine is too expensive not to not ride.)

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