Saturday, December 15, 2007


So, Ella and I are flying solo this weekend. Mike just left (with a few tears outta E.) for Boston. He and his buddies are heading up to the Patriots game on Sunday. Yeah, they are the only people in the country trying to get caught in the HUGE storm that is going to crush Boston on Sunday. I told him we'd see him come spring. He's going to freeze up there. We don't own the right clothes for that kind of weather. Although he and one of his friends did buy this Randy Moss mask to keep them warm.


As for me and Ella, we've got big cookie making plans for the weekend. Gotta get started on all of our Christmas baking. Christmas shopping is mostly done. Mike and I decided on a trip for each other in lieu of a bunch of gifts. I told him anywhere with white sand, blue water, that is a direct flight from ATL. So, Turks and Caicos it is. We're heading there in April. I can't wait! We went once before we were married, so its been a while. We're staying here. The beds on the beach sold us. Sounds wonderful.

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Drago said...

That resort looks awesome!

And that is one of the most lifelike masks I have ever seen!