Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love it.

The mailbox was stuffed full of awesome goodies today.

The awesome stuff was on top of the dirt that Ella threw in there three weeks ago. That I have not yet cleaned out. Our bills are a little grittier these days.

The box o'fun made me remember that I have not done a post about things I am loving lately. Warning, these have no discernible coherent pattern. Well, besides what was in the mail. And then what was in my head.

The mailbox had a few...

1. 2 Netflix movies. I love me some Netflix. Mainly because E is like a crack addict with her movies. More. Now. I NEED IT. (We lost the afternoon nap at 3 years and replaced it with a handy movie addiction.) The sheer volume of titles on Netflix should satisfy her movie jones until school is back in. I hope. Plus, Mike and I are really liking a lot of the documentaries that they have....Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Grey Gardens, The Business of Being Born, Man on Wire, American Teen. We are so much smarter now. Thank you, Netflix.

2. This necklace came in the mail today, too.

All the way from Hawaii. I don't think I have ever gotten anything from Hawaii. (The envelope disappointingly did not smell like the ocean or pineapples.) But, it was signed "Aloha". (If you can't see it. It is 3 silver disks with 2.4, 112 and 26.2 -- the IM run, bike and swim distances) Anyway, I found out about these necklaces on this blog that I like to read and you can buy them here, if you like. They have marathon necklaces, running ones, all kinds of athletic-y bling. If you're into that. I kind of am. :)

3. Shoes. In my mailbox. Genius! Okay, the UPS guy delivered the shoes. Minor Detail. Anyway, I love Zappos. Love, love, love it. Even today when they send me only one low top pink converse shoe for Ella for school. I click a few buttons. Sleep. Wake up and they are there the next afternoon. Magic.

4. Race photos. Well, okay, generally, I hate 'em. Seriously, does anyone look good in these? Let me rephrase that. Does anyone with a body fat % over 5 look good in these?

However, once in a great while, you get caught looking rough, tough and ripped (I am still waiting...) and you want to actually buy the picture. And then frame it. And maybe put your race number in there. And possibly your medal. But you don't want to mortgage your house to do it. Even if you do look that good. Check out Finish Line Framing, they do an awesome job of a really quality, sweet looking frame with all the bells and whistles, for a reasonable price. Plus, Angela, the owner, is super nice. I have one down in the basement and while the race photo is less than stellar (spandex is seriously un-for-giving), the frame? Flawless. Their website is here.

5. My two summer jams. Playing on repeat in the ipod all summah long. They are probably artists you've never heard of...super cool, super indy, new acts that only really hip people have heard of.

"Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas
and wait....
"The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

Yeah, I am so cool that I can't stop listening to the girl from Kids Incorporated and Hannah Montana.

Feel free to disregard the rest of the list now.


mimi said...

great necklace! I like it better than the other one - very cool.

Anonymous said...

love it

Heather said...

Your race photo assertion is totally incorrect.

Nobody with a body fat over 2% ever looks good in them ;)

DC Running Mama said...