Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new job

My blog is mad at me. I've neglected him....her?

T'is true. My apologies.....um, blog.

I've been busy, what can I say. I got a new job....

With one tough a$$ boss. I call her "the boss" (I am too busy for clever names, people). She yells and screams at me all day long. Not even taking the time to clarify my job responsibilities. Just one ear splitting scream after another and another, followed by a haphazard finger point to whatever passing whim she wants me to bring her, get for her, do for her, feed her, make for her.

My "superior" expects a lot. I am supposed to divine from grunts and crude hand signals very nuanced and complicated things like "yes, I want the grapes in front of me. And yes, I want to eat them. You, lady, are going to feed them to me. NOW. If you take that bowl of grapes away from me and give them to my sister, even if you keep a few grapes here for me to eat, I will scream in your ear until you return the bowl to its rightful place. The bowl is mine. Got it?"

Annie Sullivan, I am not.

I am finally on a break now. The boss is sleeping.

In addition to my new "job", we've been busy cramming a ton into the rest of the summer before school starts next week for E (and the Boss, too. She's signed up to go with E 2 days a week.)

End of summer fun includes....

Slippin' and slidin'

S'mores makin'


Cupcake makin' (That's Ming Ming from Wonderpets. E HOUNDED me for months to make these things. How-to was on Noggin about every ten minutes.)

Cupcake eatin'

Playroom loungin'

Beggin' (That's the boss in action. Screaming for some oatmeal off her big sis.)


And mastering the art of runnin' while talkin'


Rebecca DeWire said...

I can certainly relate to having a tough boss :) And your Ming-Ming cupcake is super cute. Looks like you have had a fabulous summer.

Angela and David Kidd said...

You guys have done such cool things. Think your boss will give you a raise?

Mama Simmons said...

Your boss has a great life! :)

busyrunningmama said...

I guess we'll forgive you for missing a few posts this summer! Looks like it was a great summer!!
The "boss", as mean and demanding as she may be.....is soooo adorable!!! Hang in there! It only gets worse, oh, I mean better :0)
My nine year old is perfecting the art of talking back, being disrespectful, and arguing about everything but my six year old still has a ton of sweet in him!! Yes, two boys, a male dog and a hubby, I am sooooo outnumbered!
Enjoy motherhood for all it is, the good, bad and ungly!!!!

Joe Reger said...

Ah, so you got a yelley bug little boss too?!? We call ours the little tyrant. Too cute! Sounds like a busy summer... the blog hiatus was much deserved!

DC Running Mama said...

I fear this boss may be heading my way as well. I told Nathan "no" when he was shaking/killing a plant that we have the other day and he just LAUGHED. At which point do they start to realize that YOU'RE the boss?

Michelle H. said...

I love this post! LOL. Thanks for the cupcake pic Martha.