Monday, October 19, 2009

Soaking it up.

More often than not, I feel like I am sucking it up.

Suck it up and run. Suck it up and bike. And really, suck it up and swim.

Now that the off season is here. I am no longer sucking it up, rather soaking it up and walking.

Tonight we marinated in a delicious chill in the air, a closed golf course, a willing golden retriever and two more than willing little girls out for a walk in the neighborhood.

Frenchie with the beret and her chien.

Heading out to run free on the golf course.

Alice chilled in the jogger and watched her crazy sister... catch the beret

The girls are king of the mountain

A happy girl

Throwing pine cones in the lake requires 100% focus.

You know it is time to leave when the 4 year old tears start (inevitably) rolling.


Lauren said...

Glad you are soaking up the FALL! Fabulous pics by the could be a photographer!

DC Running Mama said...

NICE. Sounds like a great fall evening!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Those are some beautiful photos. I love the serious look that Alice is giving the camera.