Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Fall is here...

Hear the yell"
-Jack Johnson from "We Are Going to be Friends".

Can you hear it? It's me. Yelling. (On the inside. Mostly.) I am so happy fall is here.

The weather is just awesome right now. My apologies if I sound like a broken record.

It doesn't really fell like fall until October for me. And today?

OCTOBER! Woot. Woot.

Rock-tober is more like it. 'Cause it rocks. Holla. ;)

Cool air. My birthday. Baseball playoffs. Hallo-freaking-ween.

As if I need another reason to love far, October is Oc-TAPER. (I promise I am done with the fall-love posts and most definitely done with the October puns.) Yep. Tapering for my last tri of the season on Sunday. Lake Lanier Islands Sprint. If I do not bonk, want to quit the race on the run, get sick for two weeks beforehand, or add 4 miles to the bike course, I will consider it a successful race.

Since it is officially 10/1 and officially acceptable to decorate for Halloween...what's been done so far....


Rebecca DeWire said...

I love the Elmo decoration! My daughter would go nuts if she saw that.

Have fun tapering for your last race.

Lauren said...

You are going to ROCK that race! LOVE October too!!! Just love the fresh fall air :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Can I shut you up? I don't want fall. I want it warm. We didn't even have a stinking summer.

Good luck this weekend!

DC Running Mama said...

LOVE the decorations...I'm hoping to get some decorations this weekend!