Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yes, I, like everyone else in in triathlon-blog-land, have figured out my 2010 races and goals. I emailed Jen what they were last week.

And now that there out there...I kind of like it. I am what you call "goal oriented", to say the least.

I feel pretty much lost without one. So, it is nice to have a few for 2010.

My main one for the next few months is to get ready to kick some serious Gulf Coast A$$. I love this race. Love it. Flat, fast and hot. Yes, yes and YES!

I think the early season Half IM is perfect for me. I seem to be more motivated to train hard in the cold months. Go figure. I am not burnt out yet, no nagging injuries, etc. Works for me.

Plus, as cheesy as Panama City is....that beach is so darn beautiful. I will take the Gulf any day over the skanky leech infested lakes we swim the rest of our races here in North Georgia. I did a 5:22 in 2007, let's just say, I am ready to beat that time this year. :)

I have a few more. Under 20 in the 5k (wanted that one so badly this year, but 20:09 just doesn't cut it). Under 43 in the 10k. Under 1:40 at ING Half. Hopefully, a few minutes under 1:40.

I think all of these are totally doable...once the incredible soreness from the butterfly sets in the pool (what these look like to anyone watching? i shudder to think), and the actual doing of the strength training workouts this winter (last year, i took those as a rest day) fades away.

Totally post unrelated but seasonally appropriate pictures of the girls' preschool Holiday program from yesterday.


The Chapples said...

You know what's weird? Our IM and HIM times are essentially the same (mine are 13:44 and 5:20). Too bad your run times are much faster :P. Maybe I should start planning some race goals too! You all have inspired me.

Will you be coming to W-S for b-ball season?

Mary IronMatron said...

I love plans! I love that last picture too--of Alice, right? It's hilarious!

Rebecca DeWire said...

The pics at the Christmas pageant are adorable! And I love your goal of going fast at the half, especially since we have the same PR. Hopefully we both get new ones that start with 4 and not 5:) And I agree that the beach in Panama City is awesome even if it is the redneck riviera.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YES!!!!!!!!! Love 2010 planning! I am going to ignore that you said you blew off the strength, I knew that, of course, but don't like to read about it! LOL. Ok, NOT this winter - back to the gym for you. I (as you know) do NOT love that stuff either, but hired a personal trainer (performance trainer) and a focus on TRX and stuff and LOVE IT.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the pics of the girls and CUTE shirts on them! :)

Angela said...

Uh, if I could be guaranteed cute girls like yours, I would so plan my third child right now!

Heather said...

we have some of the same goals! I'm just further from them! I want sub-20 5K (21:45), sub-43 10K (45:17), and sub 1:40 half (1:40:50).... The half is the only one I'm sure is possible but I figured I'd go for it!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I LOVE Alice's skirt! Great pictures.

And those goals are totally do-able. You'll hate Jen some days but you'll hit those times.

David is now serious about a business in Duluth (I think that's how it's spelled, right outside of Atlanta). I'll keep you posted.