Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am in the minority on this one.

The definite minority judging from my unscientific sample size of houses in our neighborhood already decorated for Christmas.

THEY ALL ARE....well, except for the dark, sullen, naked (as in UNdecorated naked) loser of a house pouting at the end of the street. The house wishing for orange lights, hale bales and spiders. The house yearning for gaudy, scary, stupid, silly adornment.

I curse tasteful Christmas decorating.

White lights all a flickering, Santa Clauses waving merrily, red, green, blah, blah, BLEH....puke.

I don't like Christmas.

Yes, I said it.

Too much damn work.

I used to love it. Back when all I had to do was show up. Eat some fudge (my dad used to get Fanny Mae fudge every year to fuel our tree decorating), toss some decorations on the tree, laugh with my family, get spoiled with presents. WHO doesn't love that kind of holiday?!? Side note -- E is pretty pumped for the big day. Duh.

Now I am a lazy-Grinch-Scrooge. And completely understand why my mom looked so tired in all of our Christmas pictures from when I was little. (4 kids. She and my dad would go to Toys R Us Christmas Eve and get everything. Were you guys nuts??)

The girls' upcoming school Christmas program, my fun cookie exchange party this weekend with girlfriends, and shopping for my family (very unGrinch like of me to enjoy "doing for others" isn't it?) all should chip away at my currently green exterior.

Oh, and Christmas cards. Love 'em. Love sending 'em, getting 'em. Opening 'em and putting them on the fridge.

My icy heart is melting already.


Drago said...

I've hated Christmas too ever since I lost that fight in Moscow on Christmas Day and had to listen to that "we all can change" crap in Rocky's speech.

The Chapples said...

I am snickering because I TOTALLY get it. I drive by the tree lots knowing my time is coming and groan, thinking, "Oh man, do I HAVE to?" Like a little kid who is told she has to go clean out her closet. Christmas decorating just means work for me. I put the tree up, do the lights and ornaments, take it down, etc. Just one year, I'd love if someone else *ahem, Jason* would do it!! So far, all we have is a wreath and a candle on the dining room table.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I used to be a total scrooge (i.e. I wouldn't even put the fake tree up) until Elena was born. Now I am super excited about Christmas again. I will admit that I only do things which provide me enjoyment around this time of year. For example, all the homes in our neighborhood have lights, but we won't do that. We like to use the stance that we are trying to be 'green' by not wasting electricity; in reality it is just because we are too lazy.

Mary IronMatron said...

My kids are begging for lights outside on the trees, the porch. I just want to skip to January!

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Angela and David Kidd said...

While I love Christmas it's because so far it's been easy. We've always lived in cities and never had a house we had to decorate. I am dreading putting up the lights outside and I know this is something that if I don't monitor David will go CRAZY. He loves Christmas. We've been listening to Christmas carols for weeks.

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