Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold as *%$@

Yeah, it is that cold here. (Fake)cursing-in-a-blog-post-title cold.

My trusty iphone, who accompanies me on most every run, told me that it was colder here in Georgia, than it was in Winston-Salem (believable) AND Boston (WHAT?!?!).

Single digits are in the forecast.

(Where are my damn gloves? I knew I had a pair somewhere around here??)

Seems like yesterday that my phone had enough of the heat. The error message, "TOO HOT. OVERHEATING. WILL SHUT OFF. GET OFF THE BLACK TRACK IN THE AFTERNOON, YOU DUMBA$$" flashed right before the thing shut off until I got it back in the air conditioning.

Temperamental apple products.

I know, I know...we are not really cold like say, the midwest is cold. (Jen, can just stop reading my whines now.) But, we are cold for the South.

(This carseat does NOT fit with that puffy jacket, Alice. And Ella, where is your hat? You HAVE to wear your hat. NON NEGOTIABLE, kid.)

It is really not that bad when you're used to it, and I used to be used to it. Born in Chicago, grew up in NJ. I've had my fair share of snow and ice. But, I don't expect it here. Don't want it. Don't remember how to dress for it. Don't even really have the right clothes to even do it if I wanted to.

I don't own a real winter coat. Fleece doesn't count. I had to make a very necessary scarf detour at the start of my long run yesterday...I thought my face was going to freeze off. (When running in the cold, "your lungs WILL NOT freeze" always goes through my head thanks to my winter track HS coach.) Biking outside is out of the question (and honestly it is until March, at the earliest for me). Hello, trainer.

I am too cold weather dumb to attempt riding when it is below um, 60?

My lungs would definitely freeze then. It's true. Promise.

Unrelated pics of my girls. I have some wintry ones that would make sense, but my computer is too full (damn apple, again) to load them. Instead, here's of my girls making fun of the way I smile. And the 17 month old started this. No kidding.

And here is one of many examples of the girls eating like dogs. Again, this trend can be attributed to Alice. (Although she wouldn't comply for the picture. Go figure.) Woof.


Mimi said...

I am so proud..if you can get a picture of both my grandaughters eating like dogs, I'd love to post it on my blog. Just cause I'm so proud... lmao. and I never use those acronyms but that one is perfect.

ADC said...

Ha ha, I love that picture of the girls eating. Oh and Hello!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am so glad to see that my child isn't the only one that eats like a dog! And that other pic where their both smiling like you is hysterical. I just can't believe that little Alice did it, too!

Stay warm. I can't believe how cold it is, that sounds miserable.

Lauren said...

Your girls are hilarious! Sure to make people laugh just like their mama one day :) So, I'm going through gym-treadmill-run date withdrawels. Would love to see ya!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I'm trying to feel sorry for you, but ummm, I can't quite seem to get there.

And Duluth is still a possibility. I have my fingers crossed but am not letting myself get my hopes up for even once second.

Michelle H. said...

Just choose five of the 90 fleece vests you own and pile them on. Should warm you up in no time!

Jenny said...

Don't feel guys have been colder than Anchorage this week. That's just weird. :)

DC Running Mama said...

Loves the eating like dogs comment!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Did you say 60?????
The Minnesota peeps were skiing this weekend @ -15F. Nuts!!!!
Just kidding! IT is cold for you southerners!

Stay warm and no more FLY with paddles. :)))

ADORABLE video of the kids eating....LOVE THAT! LOL

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