Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am behind.

Behind on the laundry. (Not that I am ever really ahead on the laundry, but right now, there may be small animals hibernating in the laundry baskets for all I know...or care. I hope at least they're small dogs. Alice really likes dogs.)

Behind on blogging. (Meghan threatened me with physical violence on Facebook if I did not update my blog. Extreme, especially considering I see her every day. She could just ask what is going on with me instead of the punch to my face that she promised would come my way. )

Behind on my workouts. (I missed a few last week. I HATE THAT. This week, all are done. But, then again, it is Wednesday. Big Whoop. Plenty of time left to eff it all up and sleep through my swim or bag the run. Fighting against that scenario though.)

What is taking up all my time, you ask?

Well, besides getting the equivalent of graduate degree in all things "Jersey Shore" (like crack, I must say), my time been has fairly evenly split between Snooki, Pauly D and closet cleaning. Then packing boxes. Then repeat. Ad infintum.

Yep. We're moving.

A whole mile away. Literally, it can't be more than a mile. Same neighborhood. Just a different house.

One that works a little better for us. Open floor plan as opposed to our current one where I can't see any kids from anywhere unless they are literally climbing up my legs to cry and whine and/or screaming bloody murder in some far off corner of the house where after a full on sprint I realize the cause to be Alice is unable to take the child proof caps off the dog's medicine to ingest it as she desires, a nightly scenario.

YAHOO for the new house. YAHOO for open floor plans. YAHOO for an actual laundry room. YAHOO for the second staircase off the master bedroom that the house inspector called the "Jon Benet stairs".

Wait, scratch that last part.

Whatever, this is Atlanta, not Boulder. And I am so excited. Like, dreaming-about-it-at-night-excited. Like, I am-sure-the-current-owner-is-about-to-call-the-cops-on-me- 'cause-he-knows-my-car-and-I-drive-by-about-once-a-day-just-to-see-it excited.

Move is in mid March/early April. From now until then, I will be like out my closet. (That's where the similarity ends misogynistic rapping, Moby feud starting, slapping my mom with a lawsuit outta me. Unless you cross me, Mom.)

It's been too long. Some recent shots....

Alice is happy to help clean the floor for the move. But, apparently, not her mouth.

E's pumped for the new house as well. The new pool table and creek in the yard sealed the deal for her.

Alice's "ankles", if you can call them that. She was standing next to me today and I just had to take a picture of the chub. It will soon be gone and I will forget how exquisite they were.

Mike's really excited about the new house, too. And I think this Wii tennis shot really shows how excited he is that we have a new house and have not yet sold our current house. So exciting for Mike. Yessir. :)

Me. Excited for the house and to be swimming in a suit that does not show everything to everyone in the pool like my suit that I wore all last week only to realize what the chlorine had done to the fabric...too late. Show's over LA Fitness.


Meghan said...

okay first of all...don't ever take my threats lightly...i mean business.

Second of all, i will have to send you to Meghan's Stalking School if you want to know how to drive by your new house a million times a day and not have anyone know it is you.

Third of all (yes i make up phrases) and Mike are crazy which is 1. why we love you and 2. why your girls are nuts a good way of course!

and finally, fourth of all...Alice's ankles are toooooooooo funny!!!

Mary IronMatron said...

This is such a funny post! I love it! Congrats on the move... Yeah!
Love the suit. Yes, all of a sudden you look down and realize--well, okay! It's time this one went in the trash! Yikes!

DC Running Mama said...

Yeah for the new house! Moving boxes should count as *some* sort of workout!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Oh I love Alice's ankles. Soooo adorable.

And I've totally done the see through suit as well. Those old men LOVED me. They were sad when I showed up in a new black speedo.

Good luck with the move. You are handling it much better than me. Nothing stresses me out more and makes me more of a monster than moving.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Congrats on the new house! It is so much work to move, but it sounds like it will be totally worth it in the end. So exciting about the actual laundry room.

JP said...

You are cracking me up as usual with this one :-D Glad you all found a house you like better in your same hood, because you luuuurve that 'hood :-D

So excited we get to race together again soon! Its 2010 season whooot! whoot!

Angela said...

You're so funny. Glad things are well and congrats on the move.

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ADC said...

Well yay for all of that. But I like the ankles best. Soooo cute.

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