Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Earning it

Triathlon is stuff-intensive. The whole three-sportiness of it all, I guess.

Bike, bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses, running shoes, , tri top, tri shorts, bathing suit, goggles, swim cap, wetsuit, bike trainer,.

And that stuff is just the basics.

You get a little better, a little faster, a little more knowledgeable and now you, you need..

a coach. those sweet zoot racing flats. a polar heart rate monitor (but not the cute girly one that you already got suckered into buying 'cause it was baby blue. no lap buttons on that p.o.s. this new one is big, black and kind of ugly, but actually functional for splits) oh, yeah, gotta have that garmin. Compression socks (that new coach is making your legs really sore.)

Your "triathlon drawer" starts to take over the entire closet. You consider in your imminent move making the extra closet in the master "just for workout stuff" okay, sweetie?

You're gonna need more room for....

Racing wheels. Road bike. Speed suit. Power meter. Aero helmet. Computrainer. Masters swimming. Compression tights.

Just kidding about those last few things....

As much as I would welcome all that stuff (oh yeah, you=me in this post.), I don't really think I've earned it yet. I am not fast enough.

I didn't get Copas ($100 cleats at the time) until I made the state soccer team. After playing for 11 years.

But, man, were those some sweet cleats.


Angela said...

you've earned it...take it!

ADC said...

I always used to think that just because I am not fast I shouldn't get this or that, but we've earned it so I am getting it :))))

Rebecca DeWire said...

As long as you have the $, you should totally buy it! We have all sorts of crazy stuff at our house and it is weird to see all of it just laying around collecting dust.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I'm the same way. I told myself I couldn't get a computrainer unless I could prove that I was capable of qualifying for Hawaii. Now I'm trying to think of some way to prove I'm worthy of some race wheels. Of course, convincing David that race wheels are necessary is an entirely different battle.

KT said...

I stumbled on to your blog awile back and have really enjoyed reading it but I've never commented...until now. You won me over with your $100 Copas. I, too, played soccer for nearly 10 years before my parents thought I was worthy of Copas...and man, I thought I was Mia Hamm after that.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh Kate! YOU deserve it all and if you can afford it, GET IT...makes our hobby more fun and we look damn good. LOL.


Anonymous said...

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