Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out

It is time.

Time to mother%^$#*& work. Work on the bike. Work in the pool. Work on the run. Work in the weight room. (That should probably be "work" in the weight room. 'Cause as much as I try, I still hate that stuff.)

70.3 flat, windy, hot (mother%^&*$% hot) miles to cover in May are a little more than 12 weeks away.

The work doesn't stop there.

The house is now officially for sale. We're moving a mile away in mid April. So until April, this house, to quote Miss Hannigan (my apologies, but E is on a huge "Annie" kick as of late) "better shine like the top of the Chrysler building!"

It's a hard knock life.

Well, not really. The new house is awesome and I can't wait to move, but trying to clean, straighten and put away while two tiny people follow right behind you systematically dismantling everything you just folded, swept and windexed can be trying.

Even more so, when say you just finished hard run or a 3 hour brick and all you want to do is eat, shower and sleep. And you know, none of those is happening anytime soon.

I think I can understand where Miss Hannigan was coming from. Maybe she was trying to sell the orphanage while 70.3 training? And all those dancing and singing orphans just kept making messes?

It's possible.... E's singing under her breath after I told here we are no longer allowed to jump on the made beds EVER again...."'steada treated, we get tricked. steada kisses, we get kicked!" all makes sense.


(Who wouldn't? It's a rest day.)


Rebecca DeWire said...

It was so stressful when we were selling our house, especially if we had only an hour notice that there was a showing. I don't even want to relive those memories! Good luck and I hope you have a quick sale.

Angela said...

I feel you. We had our house on the market for 9 months with the boys romping around like it was a free for all. It was so stressful for me. I hope the house sells quickly!

DC Running Mama said...

Can I tell you that I love love love Annie? My favorite. I still find myself singing the songs. Get to that cleaning little missy! And, we totally avoided having to do just renting out our old house. I dread someday putting it on the market!

Mary IronMatron said...

The movie version of Annie with Carol Burnett is the best... :)
I don't envy you! I know that feeling of cleaning with little destructive monsters dismantling in your wake--and that after you've spent the more swim/bike/running.

ADC said...

Your house must be immaculate these days.

Anonymous said...

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