Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Color War

A line has been drawn in the Parker household. Or more like a part.

On one side are the brown hairs...and the other side...the yellow hairs (as Ella calls it.)

The addition of Alice really clarified the differences.

Brown hairs?

They like to chill out. Sleep. Eat. Watch the Red Sox. Or the ceiling fan. They don't make a huge fuss about much. They're pretty low maintenance. Every house needs a brown hair...or two.

The Yellow Hairs? As cool as they are...they are a little more tightly wound...so to speak. More vocal about their likes and dislikes ("dats how I yike it" is one of the shorter yellow hair's favorite sayings -- usually in reference to someone telling her that her shoes are on the wrong feet.) Some might even call them stubborn. Or strong willed. Not me. I like to call them...ah..determined. Yes, that's more like it:) Yellow hairs like to jump off the couch. Speak jibberish. Throw fits. And maybe think they are "fighting crime" by waking up their (brown haired) husbands when they hear a noise downstairs at 3AM.


Mama Simmons said...

Cute post!
Everyone in this house (ok, both of us) are yellow hairs.. some more naturally than others... ;) and if our upcoming little one looks like either of us at birth, it's going to have white hair. I wonder what white hairs are like?

mimi said...

that brown hair baby sures looks like her Daddy in that picture....
except for the chins. Maybe she ate 2 babies?

Alicia Parr said...

Wow. Your pictures really show the resemblances between you and Ella and Alice and Mike! Really cute.