Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seems like...

...we cram a lot in just 48 hours.

Saturdays and Sundays involve no rest of the weary in this house. And believe me...Mike and I are pretty weary.

No wonder I am sitting here on our comfy green couch barely keeping my eyes open.

A photo summary of our weekend.

Ella's soccer pictures/fall carnival at Newtown park.

We had to promise her that she could play all the games at the carnival in order to get her to sit for pictures with her team. (You can see from her expression that she's not having any of this.)

And these were just pictures....not a game. Ugh. I have a feeling that the actual playing of the soccer might not happen with E. First game is next week...

Ella and her fellow "Strikers"

Why is that curly haired girl on the right crying?

Much happier after the pictures are taken.

Making good on our promise.

Alice doesn't seem to mind the picture taking...or the 100% humidity (or Mom's sweat all over her.)

Sunday involved pony rides and birthday parties.


Belated congrats to our friends, Amanda and Andrew Riepe, who just bought a house.


Horseshoe Bend--our neighborhood! Woo hoo. I went to college with both of these jokers (and lived with Amanda in college and after) and they just got transferred to ATL and now they're going to live in the sweetest neighborhood in all of the land (or at least east of 400 in Roswell, GA) :)

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