Saturday, September 6, 2008


Addictions, vices, crutches....whatever you want to call them. I've got my share.

On a scale of say "one" to um, heroin....mine are pretty tame and for sure, dorky.

1. Diet Sunkist -- I am addicted. Working on scaling this back. I broke the addiction during pregnancy, but now that I am tired and no longer pregnant....I am so far off the wagon, I can't even see the wagon any more. The wagon is but a distant memory. See....

2. Gum -- I chew gum. A lot. A pack a day habit here. Trident usually. 3 pieces a pop. Love me some xylitol, apparently.

3. Facebook -- I am SO addicted to this one. My good friend (enabler) Amanda (who I am SO excited to say is moving here from Indy and by here, I mean our neighborhood....hopefully .2 miles away. We're so psyched to have the Riepes SO close.) stayed with us a few days last week and introduced me to this time sucking phenomena. I could spend days on there....literally days. Ugh. It just sucks me in. I love it.

I managed to tear myself away from Facebook today to get my longest post partum run in (4.2 miles -- 39 min.) and have Mike kick my a$$ all over Ella's playroom coaching me through some of his crazy crossfit moves (pushups/situps/squats/burpees x3).

That stuff is no joke. The 15 minutes of crossfit was harder than the run. And I wanted to vomit at the end of the run.

Dinner at Pure with the Hetheringtons...always fun to see those guys. And eat at Pure.

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mimi said...

thanks for spreading the Facebook crack... also would like to see my personal addictions. E and Fat A. Thanks for the time tonight. Glad that Adelle got her just punishment from E. Someone's gotta keep her in line!