Tuesday, September 29, 2009


33 is right around the corner for me. And I am fine with that.

I like getting older. It doesn't bother me at all.
(Well, it doesn't bother me now. I make no promises about birthdays down the line, though. When my body starts to fall apart. Mike talks about that a lot. I hear a lot of "wait until you're 40's" from him as he's icing his back or his knee or any combination of body parts.)

Either way, getting older is way better than the alternative.

I (and anyone that knows me) would probably not consider me an old 33 year old.

I am fairly immature. And I am fine with that, too.

My sense of humor is pretty close to that of an 11 or 12 year old. On a good day.

(Mike's is, too...which works out well for us.) We laugh at such stupid stuff. Someone getting really angry, poop, terrible imitations of our kids, "The Diarrhea Song", etc. Whatever is getting a laugh in 6th grade is probably cracking us up, too. (I have been laughing at the "Diarrhea Song" since I first learned it a million years ago.)

Seriously, "you're sliding into home and your pants are full of FOAM"?? Come on. How do you not laugh? It's just so stupid.

Despite my juvenile sense of humor, I had an exchange with someone the other day that made me realize that I might be getting older....and probably a little more mature, too. And possibly, just possibly I caught a positive body image as well?

As I was leaving the gym, the lady who works in the KidsKlub (who knows how much I work out. Which, to her....and I guess most people, is a lot) and I were talking on our way to our cars. She asked me what I was doing for my workout tomorrow. After I told her, she stopped. Looked me up and down. Checked out my legs in my jeans. Cocked her head to the side and stated.

"You must eat a lot to maintain your weight with all you workout."

Um, excuse me?

I said, "did you just call me fat?"

She went on about how no, she definitely wasn't calling me fat, just that she liked that I wasn't stick skinny like some of the other moms that workout a ton.

Thanks??? Was that a compliment?

Yes, I am definitely not stick skinny. Especially in the leg area. I am not built that way.

It doesn't really matter what she said. Or what she meant.

What I loved is that I just didn't care. I didn't care if she really did think I was fat. I didn't care if she thought I ate all day and night long to keep me from being "stick skinny". What matters is what I think. And I think my legs are fast. I think they might not be if they were sticks. They're strong and I like them. Just as they are.

If I was 25, I would not be feeling this way. I know that for sure. I would be upset. A bold face upset, for sure.

I love being mature. :)

I'd better run now since I just slid into first and felt something burst.


Angela and David Kidd said...

I am an immature almost 33 year old as well. I love stupid, stupid stuff. The dumber the movie, the more I love it. And I love shows like The Hills and Real Housewifes. and I use the word poop in everyday conversation way too much.

I wish I was as mature as you about the body image stuff. I think I am in improvement over my 25 year old self but I still have my weak moments.

JP said...

Girl, you crack me up!! :-D Love it, especially as I too have received the "it's good your not stick skinny" comment. Can't wait to see how fast your strong, kick butt legs go this weekend!

The Chapples said...

And I am a totally immature 32 year old. Jason had another bout of colitis this weekend and I sang the diarrhea song to him ad nauseum. He was not amused.

BTW- if you're still coming to W-S in Oct, I am running much more now (well, over an hour). Speed, notsomuch, but if you want company on part of your long run, I'm game!

Mimi said...

How come I don't know what the Diarhhea Song is? Was that a closely guarded childhood secret?

Michelle H. said...

When you think your friends are joking
but your pants are brown and soaking:
Diarrhea, diarrhea.

If you sing this to me at 5 am...I would consider getting up that early again to swim. seriously.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I think it is awesome that you were able to brush that comment off. I think that a positive body image when raising children is really important. When I am feeling fast and athletic, I never fixate on how I look because I am just so amazed at our awesome our bodies are and what they are capable of.

Aspiring Domestic Diva said...

I didn't realize how immature I am, but here I am laughing at EVERY reference to the Diarreha Song in your blog & the subsequent commentary. Thanks for the refresher!

Kate, I hope when I'm YOUR age I'm as mature in my immaturity as you are :) YOU ROCK!

Jennifer Harrison said...

GOOD for you Kate! Love the "D" song too - haha.

Wait 5-6 more years and you would have told that girl to "screw herself" and some other chioce words because being "almost 40" gives you that freedom. LOL

:) hee hee

Angela said...

you are too funny. I hope i'm able to not take people so seriously soon. I've had to work on this for a while now.

Meghan said...

i love love love you!! You are one of the greatest people i know...seriously!!

Jen said...

Happy October Birthday from one 33 year old to another!

Rock on with your immature self!

p.s. my nick name is Fish Stick... not very mature but super funny.