Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nice to meet you..

I read a few blogs (okay, more than a few) pretty regularly. Some people, I know....some I don't. Some are triathletes, some family, some's a mix.

The people that I know and that are family, it is a great way to keep up...see pictures of them, their kids, whatever they're up to...

The ones that I don't know, it feels like I know them. So, same thing. Nice to keep up.

It's funny. And nice. You like someone (or not) based on how they write, if they're funny, or honest, or you can relate to them in some way. And worry about them, and hope they do well, and hope their kids are okay, etc., etc...I especially like that I have found this whole community of mom/triathletes. Seriously, that is not that common a combination.

I recently got to meet two of my favorite reads...Angela Kidd and Joe Reger.

And I didn't introduce myself to them on mile 2 of the run in a sprint tri, like I did to Dani. Or Mile 6 of a 10K, like I did to Lauren's husband, Matt. My apologies to both of you. I don't know what is wrong with me...NO ONE wants to talk, let alone make introductions when they feel like puking. My bad, guys. (I see someone that I know, or feel like I know, and like verbal diarrhea, it just spills out of me...."hey, are you so and so....I am Kate...I read your blog, blah, blah." They rightfully look at me like what-the-@#$* are you talking about...this is a race, not a cocktail party, weirdo.)

So, I am glad to get my introductions to Joe and Angela out of the way, in a non racing, normal human being introductions kind of way.

And they were both awesome. Just like I knew they would be.

Angela and I met up today at the park for a short run and some playground time with the kids while she's visiting ATL for Thanksgiving. She's funny, down to earth and sarcastic, just like her blog. I am also happy to report that Angela not only looks like she's flying in the pictures of her running while racing, she also does so in person. While pushing a baby jogger. And chatting.

It was in sharp contrast to the gnome next to her hunched over the double jogger with 3 flat tires on the (obviously not recently used) double jogger panting like a golden retriever. No graceful gazelle here, people. :)

Alice and the seriously cute Zach at the park.

Angela and Zach, who is giving Alice's belly a run for its money.

So, Joe.

Joe of fame. Joe was the first blog that I ever read. I really didn't know what a blog was...knew nothing about triathlon (even after doing a half IM. I still don't know much) but, Joe talked about triathlon, his family, his job, everything. I was totally hooked.

Anyway, I've been reading his blog since 2006. And Joe recently won the big social media prize from my recent contest. HUGE prize. :) I've never met him before. He graciously offered to let me and my mom pick his brain about social media. So nice, so helpful and really, really cool. And so smart. Super impressive.

So....nice to meet you guys. :)


Mama Simmons said...

Awesome! So cool that you got to meet Angela and Zach. I am jealous. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Joe Reger said...

It was great to meet you (and your mom) too Kate!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Those tires we're FLAT! And I now know that when you say a race has "rolling hills" that translates to "freaking BIG hills" for me.

I'm so glad we got me meet. I had so much fun getting to see Ella and Alice in action, both of whom are so cute and beautiful in their own ways. Too bad Zach wasn't at his best. Poor kid was worn out but he's going 100 mph now. Hope you are having a great time in Boston.

Rebecca DeWire said...

That is so great that you got to meet Angela and Zach. Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

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