Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zone 0

*Zones one through five all hurt.

(*Heart rate zones, for those of you who are not triathlon nerds. This means you, mom.)

On some level, they are all uncomfortable. (Okay, maybe not Z1, but honestly, when does a Z1 run ever appear in training peaks?)

Jen's article got me thinking.

Thinking about a few things...

Like, I definitely have the right coach for me. Amazing, considering the little to no research I did before contacting Jen last March for coaching. I liked her blog. That was reason enough for me at the time. I wish all my impulse based decisions worked out that well. Eating half a bowl of brownie batter last weekend, another example of my snap second decision making abilities.

You can't win 'em all.

But, anyway, I was talking about HR Zones, how they hurt and stuff.

Jen's article got me thinking about downtime. How we relax. Decompress. Zone out.

Zone 0

My Z0 consists of lots of things...things I love, things that allow my head and body to rest. An exhausting hobby + motherhood demands some downtime. Therefore, most Z0 activities take place with the computer on my blanket covered lap, butt firmly planted on the couch.

Facebook...I love my FB. Love it. I am so not a phone person, but like to keep in touch, so this works much better for me.

Blog reading.

Blog writing (although, I do feel a bit devoid of inspiration lately. Kind of explains the meager posting as of late.)

Athleta/Title Nine/Lululemon online drooling/shopping.

Design magazine buying/tearing out pages of what I like. Funny, never really interested me before we bought the new house. Now I am borderline obsessed. The "Cottage Styles" and "Traditional Homes" might now outnumber the "US Weeklies" and "Triahtlons". Weird.

Reading -- this is strictly a before bed Z0 activity. Reading makes me sleep. Could use some suggestions as I am re-reading "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian for the 3rd time right now, just because it was there.

Baking -- cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins, etc. Love it all. Mike really hampers me here since all he ever wants is chocolate chip cookies. Even for his birthday. No cake, just cookies. Weird.

Ahh....Zone 0. I am feeling more relaxed already.

Some pics of the girls.

E and her latest "As Seen on TV" acquisition. The Egg Cracker. (I had no idea that cracking eggs was such a difficult task in the first place...)

And Alice who is severely offended by the chocolate drool on her foot. That came from her mouth.


Meghan said...

LOL. the pictures of the girls left me seriously laughing out loud to the point Allen came downstairs and asked me what was so funny. I need E to come to my house with her egg cracker!! and Alice's face is PRICELESS!!! If looks could kill you would be dead for sure with that look. How DARE you let her own drool get on that Queen's foot. What kind of slave are you????

ADC said...

Very cute photos. Enjoy your Z0 stuff.

Mary IronMatron said...

The egg cracker? That puppy looks like it is going to spray egg everywhere! Did it work? ANd Alice's face is so funny...
I am reading American Wife by Curtis Settenfeld (sp may be wrong of her last name. She wrote Prep--which was also very good.) American Wife is a fictionalized account of the life of Laura Bush--. It is really good...

Rebecca DeWire said...

Those pictures are hilarious! I have never heard for the egg cracker.

Angela said...

gotta get me an egg cracker.

Angela and David Kidd said...

That pictures of Alice is hysterical. I can't wait until she really starts talking because I think some very interesting things are going to come out of that little mouth.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am reading LITTLE BEE right now and LOVING IT....and I have a little ADD with books - they must grab me right away or I get bored and go back to my Athleta catalog too!

I LOVE Chocolate Chip cookies too (mike!). :)

Egg cracker? Crack me up (no pun intended).

glad you liked my blog! LOL

Billie said...

Not sure if i've commented on your site before but I have been a lurker for almost a year now and I suppose it's time I leave a comment!

Loving Alice's face and the trail of drool. And the baby legs! I miss my boy's chunky little legs :-(

I'm happy Mary said she is reading American Wife. I read Prep and loved it so I am definitely going to have to check out American Wife!

Mimi to the Moon said...

Thanks for the explanation of zones, child of mine. This post is a good one since there are pictures of my babies: "As Seen on TV" Ella Ann and her baby sister "The Boss and Hiya Baby" Alice Elizabeth.
I think I have lived most of my life in Zone Zero. Works for me. God knows where you came from.... But I'm proud!

DC Running Mama said...

Ella's "as seen on tv" purchases crack me up! How did I ever live without an egg cracker?? Does it realy work?? Enjoy more zone 0 ness. Also, if you are into decorating...beware of decorating's another huge time suck.

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