Friday, December 10, 2010

"Is "poopy" an adjective?"

...and other google queries.

These are the questions you find yourself asking when playing madlibs with a 5 year old.

I appreciate the lack of judgement, google.

Two things. (1) It was not her suggestion for the adjective. (It was mine. I was going for the easy laugh.)
(2) We had to google it because Mike didn't think it was an adjective. (Wrong!)

We search for a lot of random things on the internets.

Were their children on the Mayflower? (E wanted to know. And yes, there were.)

What is the difference between the KSwiss Kona and the KSwiss Kona-C? (All me there. There's none, just looks, according to someone on a random forum. Momma needs new running shoes and zappos was all out of my faves, the Konas.)

How many calories in a clementine? (Mike. He's apparently counting calories.)

What the hell this says about us, I have no idea, perhaps we are weight conscious, fecal oriented, history buffs who enjoy a run now and then?

Okay, sure.


Angela and David said...

Too funny...and, yes!

Tom said...

"Poopy" is not an adjective...I thought it was impossible to cheat at mad libs, but apparently I'm wrong.

And there are 40 calories in a clementine....a vitamin packed, low cal food which is great for building immunity against booger wielding 2 year olds!

Michelle Simmons said...

Poopy is definitely an adjective. It describes a toddlers pants when they are potty training, no? Or an athletes shorts at the end of an Ironman? Definitely an adjective.