Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happily Unmotivated

When I am not training much or racing even less, I don't have a ton to post about on here. Which explains my (gasp!) almost two month absence.

We've been busy, just not with anything running/triathlon related. And I've been surprisingly really happy about it.

I've come into a time where trail running, biking, and lifting are what I really want to do. DID I JUST SAY THAT??

I can hardly believe it either. I don't want to race. I want to enjoy. And racing/training are just enjoyable right now.

How hedonistic of me. ;)

My new, non racing self, got a new shirt a few months back and promised to blog it. I really, really love my shirt. (I wore it today which reminded me that I needed to get to this blog ASAP!). It is from my friend, Heather. She sells vintage shirts on etsy. My shirt (below) is awesome (the pile of laundry behind me? notsomuch). Soft, a very nice shade of blue and super hip (which I am totally not).

From the Vancouver Marathon '81. So, while I am not racing....I wear shirts about races. That I didn't do.

My new self is a poser, ugh.

Check out Heather's etsy store if you want cool, super hip shirts, too.


Jennifer Harrison said...

You crack me up, kate! :) You know what? As long as you are happy - that is ALL that matters, so good! :)) xx

skippy haha said...

your new poser self is super cute in your t-shirt! i agree with jennifer - as long as youre happy, all's good! thanks for blogging :) if you ever need more shirts from races you didn't do, i'm just a click away.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Being happy is what it is all about. Glad to hear you are doing well.

ADC said...

I love that shirt!!!

Angela and David said...

Cute shirt. I wish I could adopt your attitude. I think because I'm not choosing to race right now but rather am having that dictated for me, it makes it harder for me to accept and just be happy. I just need to get over my stupid self.