Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Woke up this AM to E calling my name....thunder (boom-booms) got her again. I was hoping (hard) that the Gobble Jog was going to be cancelled. Called Justin to see what he thought. He answers with "You're not calling to bail AGAIN? Are you?" Um, at all. Didn't even enter my mind. :)

Of course, now that I am done am very happy that I ran. Downtown Marietta is so pretty....such nice houses. Nice to see Justin and have a friend there. I hate doing these things alone. We ran into Suzie Martin, too (her daughter, Katie, was running.). Suze is a good mom to be out there cheering. It was GROSS before the race started.

Hilly run, but pretty fair. Ran a 20:35(ish) and had my first actual post race throw up. I knew the dry heaves were inevitable, but I hope that this is not a new phenomenon. I had to push a nice lady aside to get to the garbage can at the finishing chute. Nice.

Mike just finished his run....heading up to Mimi's for turkey.

Have a great day everyone. Eat some good food. Have some good drinks. Enjoy your families and friends.

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