Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zoot Customer for life.

Wow. Sometimes you get caught off guard. Sadly, I usually expect a hassle/poor customer service/a fight/etc. when something goes wrong with something I bought.

Well...I was completely (and very happily) surprised by Zoot today.

I emailed them letting them know that my (very expensive) 2007 Ultra Tri Top and shorts were kind of falling apart. I just wanted to see if I could send them back in to get repaired by Zoot. (Thanks for the tip, Alex Poon!)

Well, this was their response.

Hi Kate,

So sorry to hear that! Seeing as how it is rather late in the season, we are
sold out on the majority of our ULTRA product. However, if you'd like to
hang on to your suit and send it in in February, I'd gladly replace the
pieces with new '08 models. Would this work for you?

Umm.....HELL YES!!!! Pretty impressive.

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