Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Racing Fool?

Contemplating two, yes TWO, races for this long holiday weekend. One is a 5K Turkey Trot thing tomorrow AM in Marietta. One is a little more involved...a half marathon trail race outside of Athens on Sunday.

Being that it is the off season, I reserve the right to a guilt free bail on either. Although, I actually would like to do both. For once. I am not generally a big fan of getting all jacked up and nervous to race.

5k should be a fun, yet painful, start to the holiday. Plus, my friend, Justin is racing as well and I have bailed on him WAY too many times to not go tomorrow. I enjoy the distance, well, maybe enjoy is too strong a word...maybe endure is better. I am way better at a 5K, say than a half marathon. I can maintain through 3 miles, but any more and I might break down. Although, WITHOUT FAIL, I dry heave. It is embarassing and loud. I wish someone could explain why this happens? (Anyone, anyone???)

The trail run is more like a long run than a race. (Today I say this...on Sunday 2 miles in when my super competitive self sees a few females within striking distance....whole 'nother story.) Never done a ton of trail running. But, I got some new, sweet shoes, so I am all set, right? :) (Went to a great new place I had never been before on Alpharetta Highway, right here in Roswell, per Kindzia's recommendation. Spikes. Good selection and knew what they were talking about.)

Thanksgiving at my mom's in Alpharetta tomorrow. Should be fun. Mike's frosting cupcakes for the occasion as I am typing. And according to him, "I am tearing it up out here". Guess they're looking good. Nice job, honey. :)

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