Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Sad. The last day of having Mike home from work. We don't really ever stay home for a long vacation, so it was really nice to have Mike home all day long with me and the little one.

Had a really nice trail run this morning with Mike and Kindzia. We did over an hour at Leita Thompson park. Mike's and my first time there, it was great. Hilly with a soft surface, but not too technical. Mike and I got to break in our new trail running shoes. (Both got Vasque Blurs. And both really like them.)

Obviously, decided to bail on the half marathon in Athens. No really good reason for doing so...just felt like if I wasn't planning on racing, I'd prefer to do a run with Mike and stay close to home. My mom and E hung out at Target while we ran. (Thanks, Mom!)

E had a funny joke for us today. Sitting in her carseat, she says to me, "Momma, I have a spider in my nose. Here." She pulls said pretend "spider" out of her nose and hands it to me. Had Mike and I laughing hard.

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