Tuesday, January 22, 2008

August 12, 2008

That's a big day for us. Day before Mike's 40th. And....my due date. Yep, we're pregnant! (Although, pretty much everyone that reads this already knows. Not too good about keeping it quiet.)

I am about 12 weeks right now, so just about ending this first (hellish) trimester. I am not one of those lucky women that sail through these first few months without a notice of the little life inside. Nope, I am the one over the sink throwing up (some days) every single thing I eat and drink....then lying almost comatose on the couch, whining. :)

It's been tough, to be honest. I miss my old self. I know it is 100% worth all the sickness and the fatigue come August, but its been a long 6 weeks for all of us. (That's when I started to feel pretty badly.) Not trying to complain too much here, but I would like to have a record of this in case I ever decide that I want to get pregnant again......no, thank you. I thought that this pregnancy would be similar to Ella's, some sickness in the AM, but then feeling okay by 10 or so. No dice.

Enough of the whining....just want to thank everyone for all their help while I was a useless pile of fleece on the couch. My mom and sister made dinners for us and entertained E. (Who, by the way, wants a "sister" and wants to name her "Elise".) Thanks to all of MIke's family who put up with a horrible hostess for Christmas. Thanks for the tips on the morning sickness -- Amanda and Joe. Gatorade and Big Red rock my world these days. Thanks to Mike for doing all my housewife-ly duties that I neglected (and who continues to do them still) while I surf my waves of nausea. Thanks for holding my hand while I throw up, Ella. It is hard to think of something to make me smile during that, but you do.

The good days are around the corner soon. They have to be, right? :)


mimi said...

Ella's Damma wishes she could make it all go away and that you feel better. To quote a frontrunner from my team - "it takes a village...". It's good that you've got a village to help you thru this part. Love Mimi

Maria said...

I am so happy for you guys! I am glad you are finally turning the corner! So exciting...maybe Elise can share Sara's birthday...or Aunt Pats :)