Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting back..

....into the swing of things after the long holidays. We Parkers like our routines. Mexicali for dinner tonight. Yum. E's back in "school" (aka Creative Play with Roswell Parks Dept.). I had an amazing run today. Just me and Dave (Grohl, of course) pounding out a few hilly miles in Horseshoe Bend. I was so happy to be running today, I couldn't stop smiling. Just awesome.
Mike's down on the trainer. Ahh...feels good to be somewhat normal again.

We're starting the slightly scary talks with people in Asheville to get started on our vacation house. (We bought land up there in the spring to build on.) An exciting thing, yes, but also full of unknowns and lots of mistakes to be made. The thought of a house up there that we can go visit for the weekends and holidays with our friends and family is just so cool.

Ugh. On a mad/sad note. The missing hiker story has just been killing us lately. I can't believe how awfully this turned out, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Her poor parents. I can't even imagine. Makes me want to pull my family in really tight and not let them go.

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Drago said...

Please paint Michelle and I's guest room at the mountain house a dark grey or maybe red. And I'd prefer my pillows kind of medium fluffy.