Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moving on...

First trimester is officially over tomorrow...I am not sorry to see it go. I am ready to check back in. By that, I mean, I've been pretty "checked out" these past couple months. Not doing a whole lot, just kind of trying to get from day to day, working out when I feel up to it, not making dinners, not pulling my load around here pretty much sums it up. Understandable, yes, but I am ready to ease back into normalcy. Started today off with no throwing up. First time in a LONG TIME.

Got lots to do before the baby comes. Lying on the couch and throwing up ain't gonna get the nursery decorated, Ella's new big girl room done or her potty trained either. She's 100% not interested in that anyway.

Had a nice treadmill run today....little lifting after. Felt pretty good, although once the treadmill gets up to 7.1....starts getting uncomfortable. Bound to happen, right? As I get bigger and bigger, the miles get slower and slower.

Signed E up for preschool in the fall this morning at St. Andrew's. I loved it there, bright rooms, lots of books, kids all seemed happy to be there and the teachers were really nice. Can't wait for her to go....she threw herself on the floor and cried when we had to leave, good sign.

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Drago said...

This guy I know has gained 19 pounds since September so he knows you have feel on the treadmill.