Monday, March 16, 2009

I dare you.

Try to find a cohesive thought in this post. Go ahead.

My Monday randomness is as follows...

My friend Justin is looking to sell a sweet prize he won in a contest, or as E would call it, his "winner". In other words, shoot him an email if you're interested in a "brand new in box 55 cervelo p2 carbon frame" $1800. (

I almost threw up in the pool today, more than once. 5x200 at threshold will do that to you, apparently. Looking forward to your slower, longer sets workout on Wednesday, Michelle. This speed work in the pool is ridiculous. (And it'd better make me ridiculously fast at John Tanner in April, too.) :)

While I almost threw up, Ella actually did. She's not sick (please, please, please don't be sick!) just was jumping around with a mouth full of food, then leaned over and heaved it all up on the kitchen floor. Cried. Then wouldn't let me hug her since she "didn't want to get me sick with her germs". Poor E.

Okay, the Pandora app for iphone is just about the coolest thing ever. Type in a song or an artist that you like and then listen to FREE tunes all day long based on that artist (i.e. if you put in John Mayer, you might have a playlist with some Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, etc. on it and you might make Mike pull his ears off, too. He's not a Mayer fan). You can "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" each song, so the songs become more and more what you want to hear. Genius.

Surprisingly, "Dueling Bangos" is a great song to listen to on a run. Who knew?

Kenny Powers is making Mike and I pee our pants laughing lately. The show is "Eastbound and Down". Check it out on HBO on Sundays. So stinking funny.


amie said...

love the's the only way my brain seems to work..

i'm slowly coming around to kenny powers...he's pretty funny

hey i have a friend that you need to meet. she's one of my very good friends in atl..she's a runner, just ran a 15k in jax and kicked arse...i'll be in the dirty next week, maybe the 3 of us can get together.

Angela and David Kidd said...

We love Eastbound and Down as well. Glad you didn't puke in the pool today. That would have been pretty nasty.

M. Hetherington said...

I loved your hard workout Kate (glad you didn't throw up in the pool though)! Wouldn't have done it without you there. :) Thanks for waiting for me to drag myself out of slumber and show up. Promise to be on time tomorrow for an endurance swim!

Drago said...

That's nice that you pee in your pants while watching TV to help Mike feel better about his "accidents". That is true love.