Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taper Time

Tapering this week for the ING Atlanta Half on Sunday.

Feels good (well so far) since my legs have been feeling like cement lately. Fingers crossed that feeling is long gone by Sunday.

The absence of 7 miles of speed work, 3 bikes, and a long run that I always do too fast (I am always of the mindset "Let's hurry up and knock this out and go hang out with the family") should work.

Although I am feeling a weird soreness in my ankle after swimming. Does anyone know if this is from pushing off the wall funny or too hard?

Seriously, I hurt my leg swimming?? Swimming?

I am excited to race...I have done the work and am ready to go out and see where I am. Hoping for a PR (under 1:40) but would be happy just to feel strong, enjoy the day and make my way down there solo without incident.

Running 13.1 miles sounds is far preferable to me than figuring out the logistics of nursing, driving/MARTA-ing (Atlanta's notoriously unreliable public transportation) to the start, then figuring out how and where to meet Mike and the girls around crazy/busy downtown with road closings, etc. so I can nurse Alice before she loses it and/or my boobs explode.

The decision to run with my iphone might make this all a bit easier.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Kate! GOOD luck w/ your race!!!

DC Running Mama said...

Hmmmm...pumping and mass transit=an interesting mix. Maybe everyone will be so tired they won't notice. Noise? What strange noise? I don't hear anything!!

Jen said...

You will feel great! Have a wonderful race :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Seriously, the logistics of doing a race is more daunting than the actual race. Good luck and enjoy the taper!