Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring was right on time today.

Sunny, breezy and high 60's in the ATL. Perfect, perfect weather.

Perfect weather for what?

Well, not for working out for one. My 6 mile speed workout yesterday (5 miles at 7:12 pace) shelled me, well, that and the fact that Mike is gone (the call of the 1st/2nd round of NCAA Bball tourney in Greensboro, NC got 'em.) so no AM or PM workouts.

Fine by me.

The first day of spring was much better suited to....

Dressing like a dog in the 2 year old Halloween costume (that you refused to wear then) and riling up the "real" dog. Yep, Annabelle is actually biting her there....and she loves it.

Pretending to be afraid of the slide that you actually love with your buddy, Jason Poon. Not, Jason. JASONPOON. One word.

Shadow watching.....

And sister watching.

Relishing your role as official "do not let Alice fall asleep in the car since she WILL NOT nap if she even closes her eyes in here" screamer/singer/name caller.

Looking forward to the weekend....Mike's home tomorrow night. (I am SO not a loner. I can't believe that I used to live alone. Can't sleep well AT ALL when he's gone now.)

Excited for my long run Sunday -- another great spring day. My last long run before ING 1/2 marathon next weekend. Hoping all moving parts stay healthy until then...


Rebecca DeWire said...

That is awesome that your older daughter helps to keep the baby awake in the car. It is so true that if they close their eyes and sleep for a second, there is no napping and a super fussy baby.

Mama Simmons said...

We are just starting to find out that a 5 minute snooze in the car = no nap and fuss fuss fuss. I drove home from the doctor's office to day calling out Moana's name and reaching back to tap her head trying to keep her awake for 5 minutes until we got home. No such luck. Apparently I need a 3 year old to help fix the problem? Ha!

Kate Parker said...

I am so cruel....if Ella is not with me, opening and closing the window by her seems to do the trick as well.

Heather said...

Your kids are just so gorgeous!

Yeah, it's spring isn't it? I'm torn because I love Spring, but lately I've been a warm weather wimp and just felt HOT in my long run today (probably soon going to have to make my husband wake up on one weekend morning soon even though he hates it!)