Tuesday, April 21, 2009

9 months

9 months ago tonight I couldn't sleep.

Those damn contractions that weren't doing anything to make this baby come were keeping me up once again. Ugh, and I still have 3 more weeks to go. A bath didn't seem to help. And oh, yeah, my pants were kind of wet earlier. Hmmm...could that be? Nah. And, now, I am um, starting to dry heave (always a sign that something is working hard with me.) I think I might wake Mike up...even if it is 3:30am. Yeah, I am definitely getting him up. OW. OW. OW. Get E up..."Mommy, I have sand in my eyes" as she rubs the sleep from her face. Okay, I can't stand up through these contractions. These really hurt now. In the car...running red lights. Calling for backup ("Hey Mom! Meet us at Northside? We have a 3 year old with sandy eyes that wants you.) Yahoo! My water has broken (a relief to know I had not peed my pants earlier that night.) Here's some fun pitocin. OMG, that works fast. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Try to focus. On what? Pain is all I can deal with now. Now. Yes, I am ready. NOW!!! Epidural! Ahhh....relief. But, I hate this. Can't move my legs. Argh. I want to move my legs...but they're asleep. Try not to freak out. Try to get some rest. Ow. These hurt again. Time for a check? Um, Mrs. Parker DON'T MOVE OR LAUGH....she's RIGHT THERE. What? Push once. Push again...and here she is. Alice Elizabeth.

Our big Al is 9 months old (tomorrow, actually). Had her checkup today. Doing great. 19lbs. 12 oz./26 inches long...growing and doing well. Well in every area except for some bad ears....poor kid has gone through 3 different antibiotics that have yet to clear up the ear infection that has been bugging her since March. Time to call in the big guns...the antibiotic shots. 2 today. 2 tomorrow. And 2 Thursday. And then the ENT on Thursday.

Honestly, I think we've, at the very least, earned naming rights of a new wing for the pediatrician.

Can you tell that Mike went up to Boston for the Red Sox game this weekend? Yeah, me neither.


Rebecca DeWire said...

Those shirts are adorable! And happy 9 months to Alice :)

Mimi said...

Too bad Mommy didn't get the special shirt that she berry berry wanted. They look so cute - crunk cries and ice cream all in one good day!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Alice! You are in such great shape to have a 9 month old.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Happy Birthday Alice! She is on tough little girl.