Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Perception vs. Reality

I've noticed a strange disconnect between these two things this week.

Strange as in really big. Yes, that is an alternate meaning. Sure it is. Well, at least here it is.

I perceived that I was working hard when I was riding, running and swimming. I really thought I was. I was sweating, wasn't I? Then I started to do Jen's workouts. Let's put this simply.

I was not working hard before. (Reality) I don't know what the hell I was doing.....farting around, apparently.

I love my workouts now. They are hard, for sure. But a good kind of hard.

And the end result of the "good kind of hard" + breastfeeding is a never ending, insatiable hunger. I finish a meal...where's my snack?....finish a snack....I AM GOING TO EAT MY HAND I AM SO HUNGRY. GROWL.
It is amazing.

#2 --I perceived Ella's hacking cough to be just that. A cough. It didn't sound pretty, but she seemed fever, 100% of her (unyielding) energy.
Reality check for this mom of the year (Beth S. -- you might have a contender for the title!) at the pediatrician (and the ONLY reason that Ella was there was because we were there for Alice's perma-ear infection.) was that Ella's cough is bronchitis. Nice. And she's wheezing. Yay mom.

Last one...this morning at 5:05am when "strum" starting strumming on my iphone alarm and I shook my head, jutted my lip out and swallowed some glass...or so it felt. My throat was killing me. I totally have Ella's bronchitis. Shoot. I have to bail on Michelle for our swim this morning. I am so sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Reality --- an hour or so more of sleep seems to have cured me of my awful illness. Throat is fine. I am decidedly not sick. Just a big baby with a scratchy throat. Sorry, Michelle. You are free to bail on my anytime you want.

Speaking of big babies, my little Alice is really racking up the ear infections. 6 or 7, already.

This last one seems to be a real nasty one, too...resistant to 2 kinds of antibiotics --we are now trying our third and have an appointment with the pediatric ENT soon. Tubes, here we come. (Although, I'd like to try chiropractic before tubes...I have heard that adjustments can help with ear infections.) She's such a toughie about it all though. Rarely cranky, eating well, sleeping um, okay, not great...but what else is new?, clapping her hands, waving hello and goodbye, and generally being awesome.

My mom and dad came by for a visit today...some pictures below.


Rebecca DeWire said...

That is awesome that you like your new workouts. And sorry to hear about poor Alice's ear infections! Your family has had a tough hear with sickness. I hope everyone gets healthy and stays healthy!

Mama Simmons said...

Reality... The hard workouts make you faster. I proved it this morning on the pool! :)

Hope everybody in your house feels better soon!!!

Mama Simmons said...

Or IN the pool. ;)

Drago said...

In Russia if we made up two fake excuses in back to back weeks for missing morning workouts they would have shot us.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I hear you on the insatiable hunger. The percentage of the day I spend thinking about what I'm going to eat next is embarrassing. And I had the same realization the other day, I have never trained this intensely before.

Poor girl with the ear infections. Hope things get better and I hope you avoid bronchitis. It hit our home earlier in the year and it sucked.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Kate! I hope you feel better! And little E too - please rest up!
GLAD You like the workouts! (hee hee).

Meghan said...

I think I take the Mother of the year title when yesterday I loaded up Noah and the groceries from publix, made Noah climb in the car, finished loading the groceries and drove all the home before Noah and I realized I never put his seatbelt on!!!!!!!!! Thank you, I will wear my mother of the year crown all day today...especially since Noah is telling EVERYONE we see that i forgot to put it on!

Alicia Parr said...

Yay that Alice is waving and clapping! Boo that her ears are giving her so much trouble!

I've never seen a Jen workout, but they are infamous in blog land.