Monday, April 6, 2009


Yes, I fully realize that my "springbreakwoohoo" days are long past.

They were fun, if fleeting.

If you consider it fun to "sleep" on the floor of a bar bathroom your first day in Key West. (Not me, Mom. I think it was Amanda, or Beth or Meredith. NOT me.) ;).

However, that is what I keep saying to Ella, who is experiencing her first spring break in her life this week.

She doesn't really get it. She loves school.

And the "woo hoo" for me, these days, is just for show.

Um, yeah, I kind of like it when E is at school, getting tired, playing with her friends and giving me a few, precious almost 4 year old free hours a week. Sue me.

Spring Break 2009 is a week filled with possible snow flurries, a recheck on Alice's ear infection, daily swim lessons for Ella (she could not love these more....she asked the teacher today when she could come back.), Mike P90x-ing his muscles into submission, and fitness testing for me. OW. OW. VOMIT. OW. (This is what I imagine the all out bike and all out run are going to feel like.)

Spring Break. Woo Hoo.


Nonna Mimi said...

I imagine all the soccer girls on the floor somewhere in Florida...
thank God I didn't know at the time!
Jeez - college spring break is worse than grade school spring break. At least in grade school you can control the activities.
And so it goes... someday Ella will be on Spring Break somewhere and you will be worrying. Full circle. Life is like that...

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Kate, I clicked on your family pic tonight and the ENTIRE slideshow came on and I was choking back the tears. GREAT pics of your girls was awesome!

Angela and David Kidd said...

One thing this spring break and college spring breaks probably have in common is vomit! Good luck with the testing.

Hope Alice's ear checks out okay.

Meghan said...

i once slept on the floor of grand central station on my spring break because i ran out of money and was with my boyfriend who also ran out of money. His parents refused to come get us until the morning to teach us a lesson. Just don't tell my mom okay?? haha

Meghan said...

I love that your mom is now Nonna MiMi...too cute!!

Anonymous said...

No Mimi Kathleen it was JUST KATE and her feet were sticking out of the bathroom stall...sorry Bug...payback for telling her about the kegstands!

Nonna Mimi said...

Oh sure. Like I would never guess that Anon is Amanda, Queen of the Kegstand.
The good thing about finding out
10+ years later that your kid was passed out on a bathroom floor 8 zillion miles from home is that now all I have to say is "Can you imagine Ella doing that?" Or imagine Mia being hoisted over a keg.....?
Life is good when you get to see it come full circle!

Anonymous said...

LOL BTW- my anon is that obvious huh?!