Friday, May 29, 2009

Slow week

I don't mean slow is in "not busy" kind of slow.

I mean slow as in me. I am the turtle this week.

Slow in the pool. Slow on the bike. Slow on the run. Slow to get out of bed. Slow to clean the house, slow to fold the laundry (not that I am ever what you would call "quick" there anyway).....slow, slow, slow.

I've been dragging since last week. Dragging around sinuses loaded up with infection. Dragging around a 21 lb. (adorably) heavy weight on my right hip that cries as soon as removed from said hip (she and E both have some sort of virus, too). Dragging around guilt for missing workouts and bagging a 10K that I was planning on doing this weekend.

Ready to fast forward to next week. A fresh slate.

A new week of workouts. A few days on antibiotics that I know will kick this sinus infection to the curb. And mostly because we're going on VACATION!!

I am so excited. Our first real family vacation. Seagrove, Fl -- here we come. A week of no work for Mike, a pool all her own for E, white Gulf sand for Alice to eat 200 yards away....I CAN'T WAIT.

E is ready to clear out the Gulf with her new goggles.


Anonymous said...

Count this as a recovery week! Have an awesome time on vacation.

Angela said...

Those goggles are way cute. Where on earth did you find them?

have fun in FL

Kate Parker said...

Angela -- are you looking at a pair for your next race? :)

Toy R'Us. They come with fins and paddles, too.

DC Running Mama said...

I'm just waiting for next week to come, that I can start being better about workouts/sleep/discipline in general...we all have off weeks and sickness never helps! Have a great time in FL!