Sunday, May 10, 2009

Every day should be this nice...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, feeling special and appreciated and loved like I was today.

The day could not have started out any better with Alice in our bed at 6 to eat. Then Mike and I hung out with her in sort of a half awake, half asleep, cuddly state until E appeared at 7:30. Mike took Alice with him downstairs and E and I slept in. Until 9:30. Yes, 9-freaking-30.

I don't think you can appreciate the amazing-ness that is sleeping in (especially after a 4:30 am wake up call on Saturday for my race -- will post race report tomorrow.) until you're a mom. Especially if you're a mom of a little devil that doesn't like to sleep. (Alice)

It is the ultimate luxury. Mike and I use it as a form of currency. (i.e. if you do this for me, I will let you sleep in on such and such day.) Although, I am much better at it than Mike. He wastes it. Sleeps until 8 or so. Me? I take it all the way. Really get my mileage out of it.

So anyway, the day. Was great. A long run in the sun. Chimichangas with my mom. Sweet gifts from my family. Cards. Calls. Emails. Texts. Wow. I feel so special.

All for being and doing the most wonderful thing I have ever done or been a part of. I love being a mom. Love it.

Thanks for celebrating with us, Mom. I loved my gift and spending the day with you was the best. (I also love my athleta gift card, my massage!, and my art of tri shirt. thanks, Mike!)

A bunch of sweet cards and the best thing behind them. Mike making dinner.

One of my mom's gifts...she loved this. Cried (not that it takes a lot for her!) We all contributed some of our favorite memories of our childhood, of her as a mom, good times we have had with her, etc. put them in the vase for her to read. Thanks to the family for all of your thoughts and memories. Mom loved it.

My gift from my mom and E was perfect for this lazy, hates to garden, but likes the look of flowers mom.

They planted flowers for me! Awesome.

Me and the girls. Notice Ella's hat? My mom made her the "sleeping hat" that she wanted. She's in bed with it on now. Mom made Alice one, too. They are too cute.

The back of the "sleeping hat" and the crazy 3 year old running around wearing it.

I was so excited about my gifts for my mom and Mike's mom. Sihouettes of the girls. My mom gave me the best compliment when she asked me where I had them made. Crafty old me did them myself.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Jennifer Harrison said...

OH MY GOSH you are so creative! LOVE the pics and even memory thing for your mom! GLAD You had a great Mother's Day!

Angela and David Kidd said...

What a great Mother's Day. Could you have Mike give David some tips?

And you are super creative. You are making the flowers I sent to my mother look quite lame.

DC Running Mama said...

Wow! Love the silhouettes! I'm totally gonna steal that idea! How did you do them???

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love the vase of memories, that's fantastic! I too am a Lazy mom and don't like to garden, but want the look. What a sweet gift from your family! Have a good week!

Kate Parker said...

DC Running Mama -- they were so easy! I bought the frames and background paper (really cheap!) at Michael's. Took profile shots of the girls, printed them out at 8x11 size. Traced the outline of their profile (pressing really hard) onto heavy black paper, then just cut along the mark that it had made. Glue sticked it onto the color paper and done!

Aspiring Domestic Diva said...

OK, LOVE the silhouttes AND the vase of memories. Now I'm dying to do both of those... guess what my next diva project will be?

TriBunny said...

Great post Kate. Loved the handmade silhouttes and the gift for your very thoughtful. Congratulations on your race and on a fabulous Mother's Day.

;) Amy