Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bam. Bam. Bam.

Did you hear that?

Yes, that was me banging my head on the wall in frustration.

With myself.

My level of annoyance with me was already hovering near the mid-way point for messing up my race last weekend by riding the wrong way on the bike course. And adding 4 miles. Therefore, subtracting myself from any chance of an AG placing. (Sure, the volunteer pointed me in that direction, but, heck, I should have checked the course layout beforehand.)

I was over it pretty quickly though. Ready to move on to my race this weekend. Chattanooga Waterfront Tri. Did this race in 2006. Mike did it last year (I swear spectating with Ella sent me into labor with Alice. I had her 10 days later and spent a few of those days in the hospital trying to keep her cooking until 37 weeks!). It is a great race. Really competitive. Not too far from home. All good.

Our hotel is booked. And paid for. I am starting to taper (well, what Jen considers a taper. 100% different from my normal "don't do sh%# race week" taper. Taper? More like suffer.) I go on the race site to check to see what time to be there to register. Funny, I have not gotten any emails and I know I signed up for this race in December when I signed up for all my races this year.

Hmm...let's see who is racing in my AG.

Hmm....where's MY name?

Um, it is not there. Oh crap. Oh CRAP. OH CRAP!!!

I totally messed this one up. I have no idea what happened. Guess I just didn't actually pay the money for the race....or thought I had or who the heck knows?


Level of frustration with myself just hit record levels.

I am currently wait listed. The Race Director (who was so nice) assured me that they have "never not let anyone in off the waitlist". But, I may not actually get a # until race morning. Argh. More stress.

Like racing. Away from home. With a 4 year old and an 11 month old wasn't doing it for me already.


DO NOT follow this person on a bike course, nor trust them to register you for anything! Consider yourself warned.


Rebecca DeWire said...

Oh no! At least you are on the waitlist and it sounds like you will still get to race. Definitely stressful though since it will all be last minute.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ok, I am pretending you are going to get into this race! I swear, we lose brain cells with each baby we have! :)) Keep me posted!

DC Running Mama said...

Aw, man! We've all made stupid mistakes like that. I hope you get in...if it makes you feel better...I didn't realize that I had booked our honeymoon for the wrong month until I looked at the tickets one day and realized that--according to the tickets--we were supposedly already in NEW ZEALAND. ARGH!

Drago said...

Very convenient that you "forget" to register for a race that actually has some competition.