Sunday, July 13, 2008

Congrats, Mike

Congrats on a great race, Mike.

We're proud of you.

We weren't gone for long, (about 24 hours) but feels like forever. I think probably since all 3 of us are exhausted. Spectating (9 months pregnant with a three year old, in the rain) is tough. Makes me appreciate that much more when people come to see me race.

Can't imagine that racing is much easier. E was excited to see Daddy at transitions (seeing Daddy and the promise of m&m's were the only things that kept a major meltdown at bay) and had fun cheering for him. She heard someone shout "pick it up!" and that became her mantra. Nice one...especially coming from a 3 year old.

Can't say that I was really wishing I was racing today. I thought I would be super jealous and really want to be out there...must have been some combination of the rain, my utter lack of energy and probably the large basketball I like to carry around under my shirt that made me glad to be cheering Mike on instead of racing.

Some pics are below and also in the slideshow if you're interested.

At the river day before the race. We really like Chattanooga. Very walkable city and well set up.

Waiting for the bus to take Mike to the swim start -- it is a point to point swim.

Swim Exit -- It started POURING while we were waiting. Tons of people fell (and hard) on the concrete here. Looked painful.

The guy running with Mike had to take his shoes off at Mile 1 due to blisters....impressive run!

Done and rehydrating.

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Drago said...

So a guy with no shoes was able to keep up with you?