Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Game One...

.....Mike's up in Boston. Actually, right now, he's on a plane with his buddy, Peck, knocking back beers on their way into Logan. He's so excited for this game. Hope they win. Ella asked for a "wally shirt" from Yawkey Way. She's a huge Wally fan. (For those of you who are NOT Red Sox fanatics....Wally is the Red Sox mascot. Wally the Green Monster. Clever, huh?)

Us girls are not carousing like Dada. :)

We are refusing to nap. Instead, we are watching Henry the Octopus "move around and around and around." (Wiggles) Now, we are dancing around in a circle with a paci and a blankie. Nice. So, I guess maybe we are carousing like 2 year olds.

Back on track plan going well so far. Good workout today. 6.5 mile run with intervals. 30 mins of weights. Feeling those lunges already. Ow.

GO SOX!!!!

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unbiased reader of the blog said...

the Fenway picture is not nearly as compelling as any shot of Ella Ann. So when you settle down from your busy social schedule, you might want to please your readers with some current E Ann photos. Just a thought from a new IPod addict.