Monday, October 1, 2007

Bump. Head.

That's exactly what Ella did last night.

Running (on our BRICK walkway)

Falling (on her forehead.)

Bumping (said forehead.)

Crying (the real kind that means business.)

Swelling (pretty big goose egg.)

Quick trip to Children's Health Care (totally love this place. SO great and kid friendly. Way better alternative to North Fulton ER.) She's fine. Superficial bump. (Thank God!) We were a little shaken up...but got peace of mind that our little angel didn't have anything really wrong with her. She was a champ, too. Looking much better today. Ugh. Our first ER trip with fun.


Mimi said...

Your forgot to mention that although Ella is fine, the boo-boo must be drawn into every picture of Ella... eyes, nose, mouth, boo-boo! She's doing great - thank goodness. Love Mimi

Mr. Ducky said...

Sorry about your fall Ella! Make sure you get better for Alive After 5 this month.